Abbie Chatfield & Matt Agnew Had A Cute AF Reunion On The Radio & It Was Everything We Needed

Former The Bachelor stars Abbie Chatfield and Dr Matt Agnew reunited on Abbie’s radio show and it was, in a phrase, deeply cute.

In case you lived under a rock in 2019 (or maybe you just don’t watch the telly), Abbie was the runner-up on Matt’s season of The Bachelor.

Abbie’s now coupled up with fellow Bachie alumni Konrad Bien-Stephen. There was a rumour that Matt was dating comedian Gen Fricker, but he confirmed in January that he was a “single pringle”, to use his words.

The pair reunited on Abbie Chatfield’s HIT network radio show Hot Nights, where Matt starred as the influencer of the week.

Abbie introduced Matt as someone she’d “barely call an influencer”. When her co-host Rohan Edwards started laughing at the slightly shady intro, she explained it was “because he’s so much more than that!”.

“I wouldn’t say his primary job is an influencer. I guess it would be at NAB,” she continued, to laughter from both Rohan and Matt.

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Most of the convo centred on Matt Agnew’s recent decision to shave his head for The Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave.

He did the shave live on The Today Show, in a bit of classic king behaviour.

Abbie asked about why he decided to do the shave.

“Over lockdown the locks had been growing [and] the face carpet had been growing so this was a great opportunity to take it off,” Matt explained.

Side note: I never, ever want to hear the phrase “face carpet” again.

“I obviously made a choice, but I think the really salient thing is that the people who are battling blood cancers – they don’t get to make a choice, just because of the intense therapy and treatment [like] chemo,” he continued.

“That hair falls out, that choice is robbed of them.

“It’s a sign of solidarity being able to do that, and also raising funds and awareness. It’s an opportunity I’m really grateful I had the chance to be involved in.”

Abbie Chatfield then brought up how his shave had already raised an impressive $10,000.

“I think the hair being so beautiful is a reason why people were donating,” she said.

Rohan agreed, calling Matt a “sexy Tarzan”. Look, if the shoe fits.

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Then, in a very wholesome bit of audio, Abbie said: “he looks great both ways, because such a cool face can pull off anything, it turns out”.

Matt responded, “aw, stop it”. It was simply so sweet. Music to my ears.

At the end of the ep, Abbie accidentally said “thank you so Matt” instead of “thank you so much”. Let’s be honest, we have all done this.

Rohan then started teasing her for stuttering and going red, which Abbie put down to having a facial earlier that day. I’m going to start using that one whenever I too am hit with the curse of the blush.

“Why are you going red, what’s the matter?” Rohan asked.

“Do you normally do this to her Matt? What’s going on here?”

Matt sort of stuttered awkwardly before thanking them again for having him on the show. Pure wholesomeness and a perfect three minutes of radio.

This is literally the best Bachie reunion I can imagine.