Last month, when we were dealt the devastating that the contestants on The Bachelor 2021 would have to hand over their Instagram passwords to Ten before entering the mansion so they don’t go rogue and spill the tea like previous contestants.

An insider claimed to the So Dramatic! podcast that in exchange for their social media silence, contestants would each cop $5000 along with a coveted blue tick.

Now, in the latest episode of the spicy reality telly podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed that while some ex The Bachelor contestants are already blue tick verified, some of them are not and it’s causing some chaos.

The eight contestants who have been granted a blue tick are: Maddy, Tamlyn, Tatum, Belinda, Tahnee, Sierah, Lily, Holly, and, of course, our Bachie Jimmy Nicholson.

Megan went on to point out that Holly is the only contestant still competing on The Bachelor who has received a blue tick, and apparently this has “outraged a lot of contestants.”

One contestant claimed that the network has “not held up their end of the deal by providing the blue tick verification.”

The unnamed contestant claimed to the host that “we were all told that we’d get our accounts back with the verification and for most of us, that hasn’t happened.

“Some of the girls haven’t even gotten their accounts back yet and they’ve already been verified, while others have been out for weeks and they haven’t gotten theirs yet. It’s not fair!”

She claims they “haven’t held up their end of the deal. Some of the girls regret not doing their own publicity during the show,” adding that she feels she and her cast mates were “tricked.”

No idea who the anonymous contestant is, but surely it can’t be the recently evicted Stephanie Lynch as she went rogue prior to her eviction by creating a finsta (fake Instagram account) where she roasted Jimmy and posted spoilers, aka proved the producers’ fears to be accurate.

Here’s where to follow each of The Bachelor gals on Instagram.

The Bachelor Australia is down to its final three on Ten.