MAFS Grooms Daniel Holmes and Harrison Boon Are Fighting In The Ring To Stay Relevant, Obvs

harrison daniel boxing

It feels like just yesterday I was reporting on Daniel Holmes in the boxing ring with another MAFS contestant. Oh, that’s right — it kind of was. Well, now it appears that he’s putting his body back on the line in a bout against none other than this season’s MAFS “villain”, Harrison Boon.

Staying relevant is hard work, my friends.

I don’t know. The MAFS-star-to-boxing timeline is a thing, I think. Get fake-married, get fake-divorced, get fake-famous and then score a Hello Fresh sponsorship and a boxing match. It’s par for the course.

Daniel himself has fought MAFS 2022’s Brent Vitiello, and there have been other matches with the likes of other MAFS alumni, including Jackson Lonie and Sam Carraro.

As far as I know, Harrison does not have any beef with Daniel. And I’m pretty sure that Daniel does not have any other connection to the MAFS universe in order to remain relevant. He does have around 112K Instagram followers, though, so that’s really something in a world dictated by social media currency.

In case you’ve cleansed your mind of the MAFS 2022 cast, you might remember Daniel from the wild cheating scandal, which ended with him getting with Carolina Santos. The pair recently called it quits, BTW.

As for Harrison: you’ll recognise him as the guy who failed this year’s marriage experiment and the fella whose pic appeared on those (since deleted) ads for premature ejaculation treatments.

Obviously, these men are really living it up post-MAFS. So, what better way is there to capitalise on your newfound “fame” than to exude your masculinity in a mildly publicised round of fisticuffs?

Team Ellis Boxing (the gym responsible for allowing these blokes to think they still maintain a sliver of relevance) announced the upcoming match on Instagram on May 28.

Touted as an “electrifying boxing showdown”, Daniel and Harrison are slated to go head-to-head, ego-to-ego on August 19 at The Melbourne Pavilion.

Jackson is also on the bill (though significantly further down because he is but a ghost of MAFS grooms past) to fight AFL rookie Bassirou Faye.

Harrison used the announcement to reveal that he’s fighting to raise money for homeless youth charity, Youth Off The Streets. However, Daniel took a slightly more, uh, Daniel approach.

“Last time it was business, this time it’s personal,” he told his followers.

While I have no heckin’ clue what that means, I’m sure Daniel will tell us in due time, mainly because he can’t help himself.

Ding, ding, ding!