Apparently An Influencer Bought A General Admissions Logie Ticket And Snuck Onto The Red Carpet

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap, folks! The 2023 Logies are done and dusted. Everyone showed up and showed out in their tizzy ‘fits. There were winners, there were losers, and from what we hear, some of those losers were sore losers.

Nope, I’m not referring to the actual Logies nominees.

There was a bunch of behind-the-scenes tea that included one star bitching about his rival’s Logies gig and another celeb who failed to receive an invite and pouted along from home.

Boil the bloody kettle and let’s dive in…

2023 Logies drama

Suzan Mutesi was apparently a red carpet ‘pest’

Actor, model and The Challenge reality star Suzan Mutesi hit up the Logies red carpet in a gorgeous, swirly red dress. But according to Daily Mail Australia, she was a menace on the red carpet.

“She had no interest in interviews – all she wanted was her photograph taken,” said the source.

“After posing for all the photographers, she circled back to the start to click more pictures with other celebrities. She continued this trend throughout the night, getting snaps with people she barely knew.”

To be fair, this was commonplace at the event. Publicists were bringing talent straight to the photo wall, which was at the end of the red carpet, before bringing them back to the top to speak to the press.

Suzan has denied that she was a pest on the carpet.

“I wasn’t feeling well. I left the ceremony early,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“Even now, my stomach still hurts. I think I have caught a bug or something. I only took photos with Jessica Rowe because we are friends.”

But if that wasn’t enough tea, rumour has it that Suzan wasn’t even invited to the Logies in the first place. Five sources – yes, five separate sources – told the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast that Suzan wasn’t invited to the event at all. Instead, she reportedly bought one of the limited general admission tickets to the event which retailed at $99.85 each.

“Suzan was not invited. She was in the general admission and seated upstairs. I was working checking peoples’ tickets in GA and I was dead when I saw her and her friend,” the source claimed.

“She made up like she didn’t know what GA meant. She brought a general admission ticket and then somehow schmoozed her way down to the red carpet to get the shots but 100 per cent sat in the general admission area.”

Another source who claimed to be working at the Logies said that they witnessed Suzan cut the line of the general admission ticketholders and waltz onto the red carpet without accreditation.

“She just cut the line for the general ticket holders, made a scene, and literally said ‘Don’t you know who I am?’,” they told the pod.

PEDESTRIAN. TV has reached out to Suzan for a comment.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Hanna Lassen)

Kyle Sandilands pulled out of the night

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands was set to present an award last night but due to other commitments, he had to cancel.

So who presented the award instead? His rival Dave Hughes.

This morning on his radio show, Kyle floated a theory that producers scouted his rival to take his place as a way of getting back at him for bailing.

“It was a big FU to me from producers to bring Hughesy on,” Kyle said live on-air this morn.

“I don’t think there was an FU from producers,” his co-host Jackie O responded, playing devil’s advocate. “I think they were just trying to replace you in time [for the show].”

ICYMI: Kyle once threatened to “punch Dave in the throat” for calling him a “massive dickhead” at the Logie Awards in 2007. 

The Logies has always been steeped in drama, god love it.

Karl Stefanovic’s bad cocaine joke

Old mate Karl Stefanovic was tasked with warming up the crowd with a round of jokes.

Award show jokes are meant to make jaws drop, but this one did the opposite: it left the crowd stunned. Unable to move.

The roast was directed at recently retired TV personality David “Kochie” Koch involving the Stan Original Series Bump.

“I did want to just check something… I am pretty sure before I heard Kochie say he loves “Bump’s”… Season Three. Did anyone mishear that? Because I am pretty sure I did,” Karl joked.

“Anyway, those are the headlines tomorrow morning.”

Have a go at his expression, would ya?

Me when somone in the office tries to talk to me before 9am. (Credit: Seven)

Apparently the game was more interesting

Flex Mami, who was nominated for a Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent, snapped a pic of some legend watching the footy instead of watching the show.

Honestly, respect.

Baddie energy indeed. (Credit: Flex Mami / Instagram)

Domenica Calarco was not invited

Former MAFS bride Domenica Calarco failed to receive an invite to the ceremony and she was mighty salty about it.

The reality star watched on from home and after spying pics of her I’m A Celeb nemesis Kerri-Anne Kennerley at the ceremony, she jumped onto social media to express her fury.

As spied by So Dramatic!, Dom jumped onto the ‘gram to tell her fans she was not invited to the Logies and later commented on the Australian Women’s Weekly’s red carpet recap with her accusation.

“I knew there was a reason my invite never came in the mail…” she wrote.

Spied by So Dramatic!.

Yes, Dom. That’s the reason…

There’s also a screenshot floating around that appears to show Dom sharing her comment about KAK to her Insta Story but it’s since been deleted.

The Logies afterparty “went off”

Appearing on Fitzy & Wippa this morning, Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger shared what the afterparty was like.

“Oh Fitzy, it was going off!” she said.

“The first year that we’ve all been able to party in the same venue. You know how we’ll see Seven has one, Ten has one, Nine has one. So this was an all-in party and I’m telling you people were dancing on the tables and the chairs. It was just unbelievable.

“There there were DJs, nobody was going anywhere. When I left at around 3am, they were there. And the biggest party animals were Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer, his wife. Those two were just carving it up and having such a good time.”

Only *some* MAFS stars were invited

You may have noticed that only a couple of MAFS stars were in attendance last night.

This has been a long-running drama as only some contestants scored an invite and the ones who weren’t granted a golden ticket were mighty pissed.

According to Daily Mail Australia, some MAFS castmates were allegedly “begging” the show’s producers for a cheeky invite.

“No one knows what’s going on, Nine keep telling the cast that it’s not up to them who they invite and it’s all dependent on a number of reasons,” an insider told the publication.

“Half of them are pissed that it’s the same favourite six cast members who keep getting opportunities from Nine, while the others are forgotten about.”

Only a handful of MAFS stars ended up at the Logies including Tahnee Cook, Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James.

Interestingly, this same drama has occurred in the past where a few MAFS stars scored invites while the others were kicked to the curb.

Last year Domenica Calarco was among the few MAFS stars who were invited and her cast mates were furious that they were not, so I kinda see why it must suck to be left off the list this year.

Ah well, maybe next year!

And that’s a wrap on the 2023 Logies tea. Head HERE to suss what everyone wore and HERE to have peek at the winners and losers.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Hannah Lassen)