MAFS’ Ella & Domenica Have Fired Back At Their Salty Co-Stars Who Talked Shit About The Logies

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After Tamara Djordjevic called her MAFS co-stars “sellouts” for attending the Logies, some of said stars have fired back.

The day after attending the tizzy TV event, Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco released a bonus episode of their podcast Sit With Us where they hit back at the likes of Tamara and Olivia Frazer, who was also vocal about her disdain on social media.

“There was a lot of crap that’s been circulating about people that didn’t get invited to the Logies… You know, the ‘I didn’t get invited but I’m still going to shit-talk the network, shit-talk the show,” Domenica said.

Ella added that they “didn’t have the choice to be invited” and reckons if the other contestants had been invited, they would’ve attended.

“That’s the thing I just don’t understand. If you really couldn’t care less, why do you keep talking about the Logies? Why do you keep talking about the show? Why do you keep shit-talking us?”

The 2022 Logies only sent out invites to certain MAFS contestants, rather than having most of the cast show up like in previous years. To be fair, you can totally understand why after the MAFS brides and grooms ran amok the last time a bunch of them were invited (we’ll get to that part later in the yarn…).

The only MAFS stars in attendance this year were Domenica, Ella,  Jack Millar, Brent Vitiello, Al Perkins, Selina Chhaur and Dion Giannarelli.

The MAFS cast at the 2022 Logies. (Credit: Instagram / Domenica Calarco).

An insider told the So Dramatic! podcast that the MAFS cast members who did not receive an invite were heaps pissed about it, too.

“They are furious,” the source said after the invites first went out.

“The ones I’ve [spoken] to think they should be invited since they’ve all contributed to the ratings and success of the show.”

The insider added that the snubbed stars reached out to executives to complain about the whole thing.

“[They] have all contacted production asking why they weren’t invited since they are the only success stories to come out of the experiment.”

As the Logies were kicking off last night, snubbed MAFS bride Tamara jumped on her IG Stories to insist that she would never attend a ceremony promoting MAFS.

But… you weren’t actually invited, luv. You need to have an invitation to an event before you can even start entertaining the idea of attending.

By that logic, I would like to announce that I will not be attending the next NASA Honor Awards Ceremony.

But anyway, back to old mate:

“I’m not going to the Logies and I can tell you right now I would not go to support Married At First Sight,” she said.

She went on to blast MAFS, insisting she would never do anything to promote the show (despite literally having “Married At First Sight S9″ in her Instagram bio).

She then took aim at her former co-stars and members of MAFS production who actually were invited to the Logies.

“I also think a lot of people who are there at the Logies supporting MAFS, I don’t even know how to say this without saying that I know the truth,” she said. (???)

Tamara then complained about being “manipulated” and promised “endorsements” post MAFS, none of which have come to fruition, she says. Cue the violins.

At one point she even left to have lunch with mates then returned and continued about it.

In case you couldn’t be assed calculating, her entire rant spanned 32 Instagram Stories.


And yet she insisted she’s “not bitter.” Sure, Jan.

Speaking of bitter, Olivia Frazer recently gave a similar spiel while speaking to Daily Mail Australia.

“Honestly, I’d rather endure several forms of medieval torture then go anywhere to support Married At First Sight,” she said.

“I don’t want to see that disgusting show [MAFS] be rewarded for their toxic environment and disgusting behaviour.”

“The idea that that toxic dumpster fire of a show is up for an award is beyond me,” she added.

“So no, I’m not going and I don’t want to go, I want nothing to do it.”

In the defence of the Logies, remember what happened the last time they let MAFS stars in?

Back in 2019, a bunch of MAFS cast members ran amok at the annual Aussie award show.

Invited guests included Elizabeth Sobinoff, Martha Kalifatidis, Heidi Latcham, Michael Brunelli, Cameron Merchant, Jules Robinson, Nic Jovanovic and Mike Gunner, while the rest of the cast were snubbed.

History repeating itself!!!

But get this: Daily Mail reported at the time that Elizabeth Sobinoff and Martha Kalifatidis were “embarrassingly shunned” as they walked the red carpet.

Apparently the moment the pair hit the red carpet to pose for photos, the media started to pack it up as they seemed “disinterested” in the reality stars.

“Most of the media started getting their stuff together and leaving once the MAFS stars hit the red carpet,” a MAFS source told the publication.

Also, their invite to the luxe event came with a catch: they were only permitted to view the show via The Star Casino, they weren’t actually allowed to enter the venue.

Onlookers at the casino also claimed that the assembled MAFS company “bickered endlessly,” much like they did on the show.

But the even bigger scandal came via two contestants who did not score an invite. Who else but Jessika Power and Ines Basic?

The gruesome twosome reportedly “gatecrashed the ceremony”, creating a whole lotta drama for the MAFS publicity department.

“They were out partying in a nearby bar and arrived at the casino for drinks just as all the guests were spilling out of the ceremony,” an onlooker revealed.

“They had crowds around them and were completely mobbed. Ines was calling random men ‘daddy’ and Jessika was shouting, ‘Where’s my Gold Logie?’ People were cheering them on and buying them bottles of champagne as Jessika twerked.”

Credit: Instagram

At one point, security guards were reportedly forced to tell the women to “settle down and move on” as if it were a Friday night on the wines at the local RSL.

Then as the pair were about to haul ass out of there, they spotted the actual invited MAFS stars on their way to the private after-party and chaos ensued.

“As soon as Martha [Kalifatidis] was near them, it all started to kick off,” said the insider. “They exchanged some tense words and Ines pretended to vomit on her.”

The onlooker claims that Jessika then shouted something at Martha, who ignored the remarks and continued walking.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Jessika was later denied entry to The Star’s rooftop bar, Nineteen, because she wasn’t on Nine’s guest list.

Apparently she made “multiple attempts” to gain entry but was unsuccessful.

Given all this, you can totally see why the controversial MAFS 2022 stars were snubbed!

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