Ella & Brent Have More Chemistry In This 1-Min Vid Than They Had With Their Spouses All Season

mafs ella brent dating rumour video

MAFS stars Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello responded to but cheekily didn’t deny those dating rumours. Be still my beating heart.

The pair were spotted leaving Brent’s apartment together on Sunday afternoon in a vid shared by Yahoo! Lifestyle. Hmm, suspicious. They were heading to Domenica Calarco’s iconic viewing party.

The person behind the camera asked what the pair were doing at Brent’s apartment. Brent said they were “getting ready” for the party.

He then cheekily mentioned he was wearing Ella’s clothes. As if that wasn’t flirty enough, Ella joked her clothes looked better on him.

Brent then acted oblivious to the rumours he and Ella were bonking. He told the guy behind the camera the only rumour he had heard was about his and Ella’s respective on-screen spouses Mitch and Tamara Djordjevic.

Ella then jokingly referenced “Team Brella” and Brent mentioned that they’d seen the love for them online.

“It’s quite nice,” Brent said.

“It is nice,” added Ella.

“I think it’s cute what people say.”

The pair coyly claimed they were “just chilling” together. But Brent then said they were “just doing a bit of Brella shit and that’s it”.

Guys, please. We are literally begging you to be less obvious.

You absolutely cannot tell me these two aren’t secretly hooking up and going on cute interstate dates after watching this.

The two MAFS cuties have not confirmed whether they were bumping ugly since filming the two-part reunion. But there’s been a lot of “evidence” that suggested they were. 

Brent and Ella were spotted hanging out at a beach on Valentine’s Day. PEDESTRIAN.TV also spotted Ella’s mum follows Brent on Instagram but doesn’t follow Mitch.

A bunch of their co-stars including Jack Millar, Al Perkins and Holly Greenstein rocked up to Dom’s viewing party. But Ella’s on-screen partner Mitch Eynaud didn’t attend the event.

Then there was this behind the scenes vid last week that had us fully believing Ella and Brent were bumping ugly.

Married At First Sight 2022 returns for one final reunion spesh tonight at 7:30pm.