Dom Spilled BTS Logies Tea & It Turns Out The MAFS Cast Acc Weren’t Sat In The ‘Main Room’

Domenica Calarco has revealed that the Married At First Sight cast weren’t sat in the main room at The Logies. Honestly, the disrespect.

Dom revealed this is an interview on Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield, where co-hosts Abbie Chatfield and Rohan Edwards were chatting about The Logies.

Rohan brought up something he’d heard from Abbie: that the MAFS cast had been ushered into a seperate “viewing room” instead of the main Logies room. They called up Dom to spill the beans.

Dom clarified this was in fact the case for the MAFS cast.

“Guys look, so we did the red carpet — Abbie you know, it literally took like an hour and a half to get all the way through,” she began.

The cast then reached the big ‘ol media wall.

“They kind of ushered us in this group. They wouldn’t let us into the actual big room,” Domenica said.

Not everyone from the MAFS cast attended The Logies, which has already been the source of some serious beef.

As well as Dom, Ella DingDion GiannarelliJack MillarBrent VitielloAl Perkins and Selina Chhaur went to The Logies. In short: all the legends.

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The cast were told they’d be heading into the main room before their category, Most Popular Reality Program.

“[They were like] ‘No you can’t go in there just yet, you’ve got to go into this other room with all the other Channel Nine people’, where they fed us dinner and all that kind of stuff,” Dom continued.

The cast of The Block and Travel Guides were also in the room with them.

“Then twenty minutes in, they all said to us, ‘Come on guys, we’ve got to go in, we’re going into the main room now’,” she said.

According to Dom, in the main room of The Logies there was a table for the MAFS cast with all their names on it.

“But then we couldn’t stay there!” she said.

Abbie asked why they weren’t allowed to stay and Domenica didn’t know for sure.

“I think maybe ‘cos they were like ‘Oh, the MAFS people are a bit you know, rowdy’,” she speculated.

Dom confirmed that she did in fact ask why the MAFS cast weren’t sat in the main room. According to her, “they really didn’t give… a specific answer” but said it was sold to them as being “more fun”.

Rohan and Abbie also asked whether the cast knew before the event that they’d be in a seperate room.

“We were a bit accosted to be honest. We thought ‘oh we’re going to be in the main room’,” she said. But alas, it wasn’t the case.

“Oh nah, sorry guys, you’re going up the escalator!”

The tale of Dom and the MAFS cast wasn’t the only seating-related beef from The Logies. Neighbours star Ryan Moloney AKA Toadie described The Logies’ treatment of his show as “incredibly disappointing”.

He told 2Day FM that his table of Neighbours castmates were sat behind the cameras so they couldn’t even see the stage. Incredibly poor form.

Maybe The Logies needs to review its seating chart before 2023.