MAFS’ Josh White Is Pissed At The Logies For Playing ‘Emasculating’ Footage Of Him

Married At First Sight‘s Josh White wasn’t too happy when he watched the broadcast of the Logies on Sunday. And it wasn’t because he didn’t cop an invite. He was pissed they showed a scene from MAFS that talked about his dick during the broadcast.

Instead of being on the red carpet alongside his co-stars Tahnee Cook, Ollie Skelton, Janelle Han, Melinda Willis, Layton Mills, Rupert Bugden, Claire Nomarhas, and Sandy Jawanda, Josh was one of the unlucky ones who wasn’t invited to the awards show.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Josh White revealed how he was upset by a snippet shown in the MAFS sizzle reel during the show’s first nomination. The clip showed the scene of him chatting with his on-screen wife Melissa Sheppard at a commitment ceremony when she questioned his manhood.

(Image Source: Instagram / Josh White @whitej81)

“If the show was really about love, then why not show the two couples that successfully made the journey and celebrate that?” he wrote.

“Instead, they used footage of me being emasculated to a national TV audience. Good enough to use me to further damage my character – a point I made on the show about words having a real-world impact. But not good enough, it seems, to be invited to attend when it’s in my city. And to be clear, I am comfortable with not attending and always was but I thought [the clip] was in poor taste.”

(Image Source: Instagram / Josh White @whitej81)

Josh then went on 2DAY FM’s Hughsey, Ed & Erin radio show yesterday to have a chat about the situation.

“As I was tucking in the kids for bed, I missed the segment, only to receive a text from Rupert that they’d featured a clip of me,” he told the hosts.

“It was quite shocking. The essence of the show is to discover love with a stranger. There were two lovely couples that lasted the duration, so why not applaud them instead of showcasing an incredibly belittling scene?

“It was strange hearing the live audience react to the footage,” Josh said, adding that watching the scene back made him feel a “very uneasy anger.”

Host Dave Hughes likened the clip to “advertising a car race by airing the accidents” and honestly, he’s not wrong.

I understand why watching that scene back must have been a bit painful for Josh because his MAFS experience certainly was a shitshow.

While it was an experience he signed up for, I reckon the least the Logies could’ve done was given him a ticket to the event so he could relive the scene firsthand.

That way, at least he’s copping a night of glam, publicity, and free food while he’s having one of his most embarrassing moments shared with the entire country for a second time.