TEA: Apparently The MAFS Cast Are ‘Pissed’ That Only Certain Stars Are Invited To The Logies

Bronte Schofield from MAFS Season 10 looking frustrated amid reports contestants are "pissed" that only certain stars received invites to Logies

Apparently a bunch of this year’s Married At First Sight contestants have their knickers in a twist ‘cos they weren’t invited to the TV WEEK Logies and honestly, I would be too if I endured that shitshow and got nothing.

MAFS is in the running for two Logie awards, including Most Popular Reality Program and Most Outstanding Reality Program.

Considering the show is up for a few lil’ trophies, you’d expect the full Season 10 cast to make an appearance. But not everyone copped an invite to the red carpet event, and some of the snubbed cast members are allegedly “fuming”.

According to Daily Mail Australia, some MAFS castmates are allegedly “begging” Channel Nine publicists for a cheeky invite to the event.

“No one knows what’s going on, Nine keep telling the cast that it’s not up to them who they invite and it’s all dependent on a number of reasons,” an insider told the publication.

“Half of them are pissed that it’s the same favourite six cast members who keep getting opportunities from Nine, while the others are forgotten about.”

So, who are the golden children?

Daily Mail Australia reported that MAFS hotties Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James are more than likely to make an appearance, as well as Melinda Willis, Layton Mills, Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton.

I just know Evelyn and Duncan are set to have some of the sauciest looks of the night. They’re already slaying it up on Instagram so they might as well bring it to the red carpet, am I right?

Unfortunately, my fan faves Janelle Han, Lyndall Grace, Claire Nomarhas and Sandy Jawanda are rumoured not to be in attendance. Honestly, Sandy deserves a night out after enduring that messy marriage to noted sea fucker Dan Hunjas.

Other MAFS contestants who were allegedly snubbed include Bronte Schofield, Cameron Woods, Harrison Boon, Jesse Burford, Alyssa Barmonde and Josh White.

Claire told Daily Mail Australia she would “never beg for an invite” and that the Logies would be “lucky” to have her in attendance. You do you, babe.

Meanwhile Harrison told the publication he was “disappointed” but not “surprised” that his invite got lost in the mail.

“I can’t walk the red carpet because I have lower back pain from carrying Season 10 on my shoulders,” he said.

“I carried the show on my back and they don’t invite me, it’s bullshit, but I can’t blame them since I’ve called out their pathetic edit since leaving the show.”

Welp. Anyways, at this point, I only care about what Evelyn and Duncan are doing.

Image credit: Married At First Sight / Channel 9