All 17 Farmer Wants A Wife Couples Still Blissfully Together After Meeting On The Show

Farmer Wants A Wife‘s biggest claim to fame is how successful it’s been at cultivating long-lasting relationships. During its 16 years on television, the show has resulted in nine marriages, seven relationships and a whopping 21 children.

Now that Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 has just kicked off, I thought it might be nice to see where all the couples from the show’s history are.

So, let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Every success story from Farmer Wants A Wife

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Here’s who is rumoured to still be together from Farmer Wants A Wife 2023

Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 was considered to be one of the best seasons yet with all five farmers finding a gal to settle down with. While one couple have called it quits since the season wrapped, four are still going strong. That’s pretty good, don’t you think?

Are Matt Young and Olivia Benic still together?

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Matt and Olivia faced some long-distance challenges after the show wrapped, but they’re still together today. They ended up moving to Canberra together so Matt could work at the Australian Department of Agriculture. They’ve recently celebrated their first anniversary and bought property together so I guess you could say it’s pretty serious.

Are Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders still together?

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Andrew and Claire are not only still together — they’re engaged!

According to Andrew’s Instagram, he popped the question in March. Honestly, it’s not really a surprise after watching these two fall in love on FWAW. Andrew was so smitten with Claire that he ended up sending his other two suitors home early.

Are David McMahon and Emily Gordon still together?

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David and Emily are still going strong! In fact, they’re now engaged!

On the show, David and Emily confessed their love for each other. They must have gone from strength to strength because David popped the question to Emily in October 2023. On Instagram, he shared a picture of the two of them with the caption: “Incredibly proud to announce, this farmer has found his wife”.

Are Brad Jones and Clare Hockings still together?

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During the season, Brad and Clare found each other due to their shared love of farm life. At the end of the season, they both knew they were on the way to falling in love. A year on, these two are very much in love and have even welcomed a son together named Roy!

“The last 12 months for us have been equivalent to about five years for most couples, but we’ve survived and are still smiling (although a bit sleep-deprived.) Roy is so lucky to have such a top dad,” Clare wrote on Instagram.

Roy is such a brilliant name. (Image: Instagram)

Here’s who is rumoured to still be together from Farmer Wants A Wife 2022

Season 12 has two couples still going strong.

Are Will Simpson and Jessica Cova still together?

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Just last month, Will and Jess celebrated their two-year anniversary after going on Season 12 of FWAW in 2022.

“We truly have a crazy story of how we met and our journey throughout the last two years has been nothing short of crazy and action packed!” Will wrote in an Instagram post.

“Our love and support for each other is a wonderful thing. Let’s keep kicking goals and moving forward into our exciting future! Love you, Queen.”

Plus, since their time on the show, the couple have adopted a puppy together named Clyde. Bless up!!!!

Are Harry Lloyd and Tess Brookman still together?

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Although Andrew and Tess don’t live together, they’re still going strong after meeting on 2022 FWAW. Tess currently lives in Airlie Beach where she is finishing her psychology degree while Harry remains on his family’s farm in Kyabram, Victoria.

The FWAW couples still together from 2021 and earlier

Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan, Season 11

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Andrew and Jess seemed to find each other early on in Season 11 of Farmer Wants A Wife. According to an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Jess revealed that they were so certain that they’d found the right person that they wanted to leave the show early.

“Andrew knew he was going to pick me, so we went to the producers and told them we’d fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no,” she said back in 2021.

So, they decided to play it cool and keep it a secret. Otherwise “it would mean the whole show would have to stop filming and people would lose their jobs”.

They’re still going strong today. In fact, they recently tied the knot and are currently on their honeymoon.

Nikko Lord and Jade Truman, Season 8

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Nikko and Jade first met in 2012 on Season Eight of Farmer Wants A Wife. Their love was so strong that a year later, Jade left Brisbane and moved to his cattle station 120km outside of Richmond, Queensland. The pair got hitched in 2017 and they now have two sons, Jock and Sandy, together.

Sam Alford and Jodie Byrne, Season 8

Another Season Eight FWAW couple going strong is Sam and Jodie. Jodie was a travel agent based in Sydney while Sam worked on a cattle station. Three months after the show, Jodie decided to move to Sam’s property in Western Australia where she now runs a macrame business.

They got married in 2015 and had a child called River in 2018.

Frank Atherton and Tenille Jolly, Season Seven

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Frank and Tenille certainly had a connection when they met on Season Seven of FWAW in 2011. All it took was one speed-date for Frank to be smitten. Five years after they met on the show, he popped the question by whipping out champas and a plate of antipasto.

“It was a lovely moment, and I did cry,” Tenille said at the time.

“I had been waiting for it to happen because I love the man.”

They now have a six-year-old son named Oliver together.

Charlie Norton and Alison Jones, Season Five

Since meeting in 2010 on Farmer Wants A Wife, Charlie and Alison have created a beautiful life together in Walcha, NSW with their three young kids. Although moving to the sticks was a bit of a shock at first for Alison, she’s changed the small-town community for the better by becoming Walcha’s resident GP.

“We’ve been going out for 13 years now and we have three kids and a couple of farms. And yeah, it’s very busy,” she told the ABC in 2023.

Along with being one of the only female GPs in a 150km radius, Alison has made it her mission to create a childcare centre in town.

Nathan McClymont and Amanda Ecker, Season Five

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In Season Five of FWAW in 2010, Nathan decided to go big or go home by proposing to his final contestant on the show Amanda. Thankfully, she said ‘yes’ and it was the start of a beautiful love story. At the time, Amanda was a 23-year-old who applied to the show in a moment of weakness after having a fallout with one of her besties. Nathan felt compelled to apply to the show on the same day his grandmother passed away.

Now, the happy couple feels like the decision to apply was meant to be.

More than 12 years later, the couple are married with three kiddos; Oscar, two, Benjamin, seven and Mason, 10.

Brad Crane and Stacie Marmion, Season Four

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From the moment Brad saw Stacie on FWAW in 2009, he knew he’d found his match.

“I remember telling the producer, ‘I am going to marry that girl’, and he turned and said, ‘Not yet, we have another 10 shows to go first’,” Brad told Woman’s Day in 2019.

It’s been 13 years since that moment, and Brad and Stacie are now married and going strong.

Following their time on the show, they went on a trip around Australia to find their perfect home. They landed on a 485-hectare property in Iona Downs near Gunnedah a year later. They now have three little girls Darcy, 11, Bobbie, nine and Frankie, seven.

Scott Warby and Clare Spark, Season Four

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Scott found his spark with Clare on the 2009 season of Farmer Wants A Wife. Clare left her job in tourism marketing in Brisbane to live with Scott on his farm in Mungindi, Queensland. They married in 2011 and now have two kids together, Elsie and Fraser.

Damian Atkins and Rachel Peynenborg, Season Three

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Damian and Rachel met on Farmer Wants A Wife in 2008. Their connection was instant — and somehow that seems like a bloody theme on this show. After the finale, Rachel moved in with Damian and in 2011 they had their first child named Harvey. In 2016 they officially got hitched and went on to have two more kiddos Fin and Mae.

Rob Hodges and Jo Fincham

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Jo and Rob couldn’t have come from more opposite worlds. She was a city girl from Melbourne, and he was a country boy from Mount Gambier. But after meeting on Season Two of Farmer Wants A Wife, falling in love and starting a life together on the farm, Jo can’t imagine her life any other way.

These days, the couple are married and have three kids; Darcy, Maggie and Roy.

Jo and Rob even made an appearance in the 2021 season of FWAW to support their mate Will Dwyer who was a farmer looking for love on the show.

Chris Newsome and Kim Tierney, Season One

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Chris and Kim are the OG couple going strong after meeting on the show in Season One. In fact, their wedding was even featured on Season Two of FWAW.

The happy couple now have two kids together, Corbin and Charlotte and they credit the show for changing their lives.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully, after this season of Farmer Wants A Wife 2024, we’ll be able to add some more happy couples to this list!!

You can watch FWAW on Channel Seven or 7Plus!