‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Is Back For 2020 & My Campaign To Be On The Show Starts Now

The Bachelorette is great. Big Brother coming back? Even better. But nothing – nothing – has prepared me for my internal excitement over the news Farmer Wants A Wife, the best reality TV series of all time, is returning to our screens next year.

[jwplayer W6panGZf]

Yep, it’s back. Officially. And by all means, if you know a hot farmer who is single and not a douchelord you should be nominating them right now, because casting is already underway.

The show has been cancelled since 2016, probably because there was a distinct lack of available farmers who weren’t horrendous bin humans. I feel like finding a single dude who is available emotionally and also not a douche is difficult, let alone someone you could also classify as a farmer.

It’s actually the most successful dating reality show in the country – many of the couples stuck it out, loads now married with kids and living on their farms.

Thankfully, someone hit the green light again at Channel 7 and faith has been restored in finding a farmer who would like a wife.

You know who would like a farmer husband? THIS GUY.

I mean me.

I’m doing finger guns at myself right now, you just can’t see it.

So the entire point of this story, besides telling you about Farmer Wants A Wife and the fact it’s back, is to start my personal mission to end up on this show and score myself a farmer husband.

There isn’t even anything you can do for me at this point, maybe just like remember me when it comes to applications/noms for contestants? Thanks guys.