One Of The Farmer Wants A Wife Blokes Reportedly Quits The Show This Week

Farmer Wants A Wife

One of the blokes from Seven’s Farmer Wants A Wife is reportedly set to ride off into the sunset this week, with the Daily Telegraph claiming that the show is poised for a surprise exit.

While it’s not clear who’ll be leaving, it’s strongly rumoured that “one of the most popular bachelors” is leaving because of a personal matter, thought to be a death in the family.

The identity of the farmer is unknown, but he apparently leaves behind a “blossoming relationship” with one of the girls, and this relationship may yet continue off screen.

That detail also doesn’t narrow things down, since the blokes on the show are all seemingly romancing a million girls each right now, but I guess we’ll see how things shake out.

The current crop of lads on Farmer Wants A Wife are:

  • Alex, a 29-year-old sheep and cattle farmer from Cunnamulla
  • Harry, a 29-year-old grape, cotton and sheep farmer from Goolgowi
  • Neil, a 43-year-old sheep farmer from Crookwell
  • Nick, a 44-year-old vineyard owner recently back from LA
  • Sam, a 28-year-old tropical fruit farmer from Innisfail

Each of the bachelors chose four different women to come back and live on their farms for a month, with hilarity and drama then ensuing.

Farmer Wants A Wife continues tonight on Seven

The show has proved to be popular enough that casting for a new season is already said to be underway.