The Farmer Wants A Wife Cast Has Dropped For 2022 & It Includes The Show’s First Woman Farmer

farmer wants a wife 2022 cast

The cast for season 11 of Farmer Wants A Wife (and the third season from Channel Seven) has been released, and the harvest has been bountiful this time around, my dusty friends. Returning for 2022, six farmers are on the lookout for their boot-scootin’ babe and this year, there’s the first female farmer in the mix for Seven’s iteration of the show, too.

Finally, some representation of all the incredible women out there, working farms right across the country. You do love to see it.

Wait, does this mean the show needs to change its name to ‘Farmer Wants An Intimate Partner’ or something?

(Update: I’ve been reminded that Farmer Jenny Blake from Tumbarumba was the first woman farmer for the Aussie show, when Ch9 was producing it. Farmer Paige is the first woman in the rebooted run of the show.)

Season 11’s farmers have been plucked from paddocks across NSW and Victoria, and include people who have built their lives around all the agricultural staples – livestock, crops, and dairy. The farmers are all pretty young this time around, too, with the eldest – Farmer Benjamin – clocking in at 33 years old.

Tip your Akubra to your Farmer Wants A Wife cast for season 11, mates: Will, Harry, Benjamin, James, Ben, and Paige. You bloody beauty, I cannot wait for this insanely wholesome show to kick the dust up again for another run around the farm.

Interestingly, TV Blackbox reports that five of the six farmers will be featured in 2022, which is a bit odd. What’s happening with the sixth one then? I need to know.

Regardless, let’s check out this quality crop, shall we?

Who’s Looking For Love On Farmer Wants A Wife Season 11?

1. Farmer Paige

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Paige, 27, is a first-generation cattle and sheep farmer out in Cassilis in NSW, and has known she’s wanted to be into farming since she was 15.

According to her bio she’s “warm, chatty, and full of determination” and loves horse riding and campdrafting (working cattle from horseback). She prefers taller men, and is looking for a guy who is “focused, driven, and has goals and a vision”, because that’s where her head’s at, too.

I also have to give her credit for this response, because it made me cackle loudly:

farmer wants a wife 2022 season 3 cast

2. Farmer Will

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Will, 26, is a broad acre cropping and sheep farmer from Berriwillock, Victoria, and like all good country Vic boys he loves to play footy.

He’s got a penchant for Aussie music, with artists like Hockey Dad, The Jungle Giants, Ball Park Music, Flight Facilites and The Presets all getting a pretty good workout while he works the farm.

He’s a bit of a funny bloke with a love for cooking and sharing food, and definitely has a face you’d take home to mum in a heartbeat.

3. Farmer Harry

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Harry, 23, kicks around on a dairy farm in Kyabram, Victoria, and clocks in at six feet tall.

The young colt of the season, Harry has just finished up a Bachelor in Agribusiness and is about to tie off a Cert 3 in regenerative agriculture – we stan a sustainable farming king.

Harry’s got a deep love for rewatching McLeod’s Daughters, so we clearly already love him.

4. Farmer Benjamin

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Benjamin, 33, is the multi-faceted gem of the incoming Farmer Wants A Wife season.

Not only is he a livestock farmer from Guyra, NSW, he also got a degree in drama, co-owns a record label, DJs and produces music, and “dabbles in visual arts”. He loves his sheep and keeps talking about them in his bio (the ewes are lambing and he’s obsessed). He wrote this script about what’s important to him in a relationship:

farmer wants a wife cast season 3

Oh, and his favourite movie is Hot Rod.

My apologies to my boyfriend but I think I’m… in love with Farmer Benjamin.

Sorry, where was I?

5. Farmer James

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Farmer James, 28, hails from sheep farming country out in Tarnook, Victoria, and loves an early morning and considers himself an energetic, humorous and hardworking gentle giant (he’s 6’3″).

A true country boy through and through, he loves a bit of country music and loves to spend time with his dog, Chief, as well as camping, fishing, 4-wheel driving, hooning around on the motorbike, and hunting.

He’s been the MC at nearly half the weddings he’s been to, and now he’s ready for someone else to do that for him – though maybe he’ll just MC his own wedding? Who’s to say.

6. Farmer Ben

farmer wants a wife cast season 3
[Image: Seven]
Finally, Farmer Ben – not to be confused with Farmer Benjamin – is a 27-year-old dairy farmer from Wingham, NSW, and while he’s comfy at home in the country, the city doesn’t terrify him.

He’s looking for someone to be his “lifelong best mate and lover”, and confesses he’s got a big heart and gives relationships his absolute all. He’s also got a bit of a crush on Mark Wahlberg, so someone who’s keen to join his Funky Bunch and become the next success story from FWAW.


Applications for people wanting to meet the new Farmer Wants A Wife crop cast can chuck their hat in the rodeo ring over at the show’s website – or just tell your mate who’s been itching for a tree-change.