Farmer Wants A Wife: Here’s Which 2024 Couples Are Still Together If You Froth Spoilers

Do you lay awake at 2am Googling who the 2024 farmers end up with on Farmer Wants A Wife? Or how about who’s still together post-reality TV? Just me?

Although Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 has finally wrapped up, the behind-the-scenes tea continues to be spilled. So, it’s no surprise that this was one of the biggest (and most watched) season in franchise history.

A driving factor behind why everyone was so invested in the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife could be because the five farmers (plus Farmer Todd who joined mid-season) in this year’s cast made us all go ‘GIDDY UP’ x 10000. Just a hunch!

This year’s cast included 25-year-old Farmer Dean, 22-year-old Farmer Tom, 26-year-old Farmer Dustin, 33-year-old Farmer Joe, and 30-year-old Farmer Bert.

YEEEHAW! The farmers looking for love on season 14 of FWAW. Image: Instagram/@farmeraustralia

Oh and did I mention Farmer Bert? I’m ready to plough whatever you need ploughing.

Hi, Farmer Bert. Image: Instagram/@farmeraustralia

Well, now that these six strapping farmers have concluded their quest to find the Dolly to their Parton on national TV, we’re chomping at the bit to find out who made it beyond the show.

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 spoilers: Who do the farmers end up with?

There’s an increased appetite for uncovering who stays together long after the cameras stop rolling on Farmer Wants A Wife because the reality is that this show does deliver success stories in the love department.

The stats just stack up with 17 couples from previous seasons still proving that country love is still burning strong — there have been nine marriages and 21 children. Can I get a yee-bloody-haw?

So now that we’ve hit the end of Season 14, curiosity is surely boiling up with everyone wondering which Farmer Wants A Wife couples are still together post-show. Let’s dive in and investigate.

*Oh and warning, Farmer Wants A Wife spoilers ahead so hold ya horses if that rodeo ain’t for you*

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Are Farmer Tom and Sarah C still together?

Farmer Tom hopped on Farmer Wants A Wife looking for the love of his life at just 22-years-old. When I was 22 I was yacking my guts up off the side of a Sail Croatia yacht in Dubrovnik. But Farmer Tom has also been managing his own contracting business since he was a teenager, so it’s safe to say we’ve been on different trajectories to say the least!

In good news, Farmer Wants A Wife did what it says on the tin and Farmer Tom has found his future wife — AKA Sarah C. Or so we thought.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Although the pair left the season early to pursue their romantic connection, Sarah shared a lengthy Instagram post announcing that the pair had called it quits a day after the reunion episode aired.

“I applied to FWAW with the sole intention of falling in love with Tom and I certainly surprised myself with how deeply I felt for him in a short amount of time,” she began in her statement.

“Unfortunately, that lifelong love that I was seeking with Tom did not turn out the way that I had hoped it would, but it’s definitely a relief now to put that truth out there that Tom and I are no longer together.

“Relationships don’t always work and people are not always who you think they are. I can hold the knowledge that I gave my all to the experience and our relationship during, and since, the show, and I am really proud of that.”

(Image source: Instagram / @sarahcranley13)

Although they’re now donezo, Sarah C did say she found a friendship with fellow Farmer Wants A Wife participant Krissy.

Soon after Sarah made the breakup post, an inside source who claimed to be from Tom’s farm (ummm spicy much?) said that she wasn’t surprised they’d broken up and claimed that Tom was “rude” to all of the women who were vying for his heart.

“Farmer Tom was rude,” they told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“We are not surprised at all that he split for Sarah C so quickly after the show. We knew it was coming.

“Farmer Tom is not on speaking terms with any of the girls on the show and it is a testament to Sarah C for keeping the real story a secret for this long.”

Farmer Tom has yet to respond to the scathing claim as well as Sarah’s Instagram post.

Are Farmer Joe and Sarah still together?

At 33-years-old Farmer Joe was looking for a lovely lady to spend his days with while tending to his cattle and sheep husbandry ventures. The self-confessed “bushman” with a mega-watt smile invited ChelseaKeelySarahClaire and Cayla to come to his farm but he eventually sent Chelsea home.

In the finale, Joe chose Sarah, which had been predicted by fans long before the ep aired. However, some folks believed the pair were donezo due to a small detail at the season’s end.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

In the second half of the finale, viewers were treated to a Farmer Wants A Wife wedding between Season 11’s Farmer Andrew and Jess. Unfortunately, Sarah — who’d just been picked by Joe — was unable to attend due to a “prior commitment”.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Some folks took the Farmer Wants A Wife IG account, commenting that the real reason why she wasn’t there was because they’d broken up.

(Image source: Instagram / @farmerau)

To make matters worse, an inside source told So Dramatic! that by the filming of the reunion episode Joe and Sarah were “already fighting and having major issues”, and that Joe was potentially already sliding into DMs of other gals.

Amidst all the hullabaloo, Sarah took to Instagram to slam these rumours and insist they’re still together with a shady post and a series of Instagram Stories.

“Fun fact: My favourite movie is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, so I wore this dress as a good omen. Can confirm I didn’t lose the guy in 10 days 💛 (According to the rumours it was 11 😉),” she captioned a selfie of the pair on Instagram.

Farmer Wants A Wife

The post in question. (Credit: Instagram)

Alongside her scathing takedown of the breakup rumours, she also slammed the producers over the way the finale was edited.

“What was supposed to be a happy episode for us, turned out to be very different. It’s heartbreaking when your true story isn’t shown, to the point that it leads the audience to be absolutely dumbfounded by the farmer’s choice,” she wrote.

She insisted that folks shouldn’t believe “everything you read from awful gossip sites, they make a living off making up stories, then serve it up as ‘facts’.”

After clearing the air surrounding their relationship, Sarah has shared some adorable behind-the-scenes pics of her life with her new farmer beau.

Alongside this beautiful relationship, Farmer Joe took to his own social media to reveal that he was involved in another love story while he was on the show. But this one was with his fellow Farmer Wants A Wife co-star, Farmer Bert.

“The love story that they didn’t want you to know about @bertharris #behindthescenes #farmerlove #farmersforfarmers #forbiddenlove,” the Farmer wrote on Instagram alongside a photoshopped image of the pair sharing a bubble bath.

It’s giving Callum and Mitch on Love Island Australia.

Are Farmer Dustin and Sophie still together?

Baby-faced Farmer Dustin hails all the way from Condobolin, New South Wales (Shannon Noll hive rise up), and at just 26 years old he was looking for a partner to marry and have children with before he hits the big 3-0. This cattle, sheep, goat and crop farmer ain’t messing around.

After the speed dating round, he decided that Izzy, Sophie, Anna, Kara and Chloe had caught his eye but eventually chose to send Kara home. Throughout the season, fans believed Sophie was leading the pack with most viewers putting their moolah on her to become Farmer Dustin’s Condobolin kween. Do Dustin and Sophie end up together? Well, yes!!!!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

And now, we’re pleased to report that these two love birds are still together, as revealed in a sweet interview with Woman’s Day.

In the chat, which was released in tandem with the reunion, the couple revealed they’re planning on getting engaged and buying a farmhouse together.

“We’ll see if I can hack it out here and we don’t kill each other,” Sophie said.

“And if that goes well there will be a diamond ring!”

Then, on the morning after the reunion aired, Sophie took to Instagram to confirm that they’re still together, writing: “Six months on.”

Are Farmer Todd and Daisy still together?

Spoiler alert: Farmer Dean ended up leaving the show prematurely after he found love with Teegan.

So, after doing its job so well it ended the journey for one couple, Channel Seven pulled out another farmer from its back pocket!

Feast your eyes on Farmer Todd. Todd is a Cattle Farmer hailing all the way from Baan Baa, New South Wales.

According to his Channel Seven bio, this bloke is a third-gen farmer with hopes of finding a relationship that’ll lead to marriage and kids. In other words, he took this reality TV gig seriously!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

The eight women who attempted to win Todd’s heart included Anna, 39, MollieDaisy, 28, Jamira, 26, Iyesha, 32, Grace, 25, Jacinta, 34, and Ellen, 29.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

In this year’s finale, the Farmeroni picked Daisy!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

To make things extra spicy, an inside source told New Idea that the Baan Baa baddie is “extremely loved-up” post-reality TV and that a proposal could “fully be on the cards.”

Speaking to New Ideathe couple revealed they’re talking about marriage and babies.

“Things are going so well,” Daisy told the mag from Todd’s farm in Baan Baa, NSW where the pair have made their home. “I think I was pretty smitten with him from the very get-go.

“Hopefully in the next 12 to 18 months, we’ll start to think about marriage. There’s definitely kids in the future. We actually sat down last week and went through kids’ names – which ones we did and didn’t like!”

Following their time on the show, Daisy has since shared some Reels and pics about her new life on the farm with Todd. Love this for them!

Just like Farmer Joe’s Sarah, Daisy took to social media to slam nasty rumours that she and Farmer Todd had broken up post-reality TV.

“This next chapter is called: WE deserve this. Life hasn’t always been easy for either of us and we’ve made some mistakes, but we ended up together for a reason,” she said.

“We are learning how to love correctly and appreciate things we never got in the past. So when you see us be happy, let us be happy. We deserve this.”

You go, cowgirl!

Are Farmer Dean and Teegan still together?

This 25-year-old cattle and watermelon farmer from Kandanga, Queensland has been searching for a love like his parent’s 30-year marriage. Is it too much to ask for a fruitful harvest season and a long-lasting love?!

From the jump, it was clear to the audience that despite bringing five girls to his farm he only wanted to plant watermelon seeds with 23-year-old Teegan in the future. So do Farmer Dean and Teegan end up together? Well, the signs were pointing to yes. After all, the pair left the season early after Dean declared his love for Teegan.

Farmer Wants A Wife
“From farm to forever! ❤️ So grateful for our incredible journey on Farmer Wants a Wife. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way!” Image: Instagram/@deanblanckensee

“I’ve fallen in love with you. I want this journey between me and you to start,” he said.

Although we were rooting for this couple, breakup rumours began to swirl in the lead-up to the reunion.

An insider has spilled to So Dramatic! that Teegan and Dean split before Christmas.

“They went to the Reunion together but weren’t actually together. It was super awkward,” they shared.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Unfortunately, the insider was correct as the pair revealed that they’d gone their separate ways at the reunion.

“We decided to go our separate ways,” Dean explained. “It was definitely a bit of a shock.”

Teegan added: “It was my decision. Coming into the experience you expect a farmer to work a lot but I think my expectations were a little different to what it was.”

Neither participant has posted anything about their split since the reunion and Teegan’s Instagram account is currently on private.

Are Farmer Bert and Caitlin still together?

WELP. Well, the rumours are legit.

Farmer Bert unfortunately left the show mid-season to focus on his work, leaving him single.

But before then, Bert was linked to Caitlin, who was a favourite to win his heart.

Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Bert and the ladies looking for his affection. Image: Instagram/@bertharris

However, some ~spicy~ tea followed this farmer out of the show! In the week before the season’s finale, Lauren — who left the show prematurely — shared an IG Story shutting down rumours that she’s seeing the country great hunk of spunk.

“Just wanted to make a quick announcement for those that are invested in FWAW,” she wrote.

“Of course, I left the show of my own accord in April, but rumours have been swirling that Bert and I are a couple.

“I know this will be disappointing for some to hear, but we are not together.”

(Image source: Instagram / @Laurenmcfeels)

At the reunion, he did admit that he’d reconnected with Caitlin after bumping into her at her tackle shop. However, he did not clarify if they’ve reconnected romantically.

According to his IG, it appears that the great hunk of spunk farmer is currently single or he just hasn’t hard launched his new boo.

But in the bromance side of things, Farmer Joe claimed that his love story with Farmer Bert was not shown on the show.

Channel 7, give the dolls what they want and show us this bromance!!!

(Image: Instagram / @itsjoeybobbin)

Well, that was it for this year’s season. CYA next year for more rootin’ tootin’ farmers looking for a wife. TBH though, I’m keen to see a country girl looking for a wife! If that’s the case, sign this city girl (me) up!

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 14 is available to watch on 7Plus.