Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion: Here’s Everything That Happened In The Final Episode Of FWAW 2024

The Farmer Wants A Wife reunion is officially donezo, and just like real cowgirls, we’ve moseyed on in and wrangled up all the scathing tea. You’re welcome.

Hold your horses! This article features Farmer Wants A Wife reunion spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Yep, that’s right. This year’s season of Farmer Wants A Wife has officially come to an end following Sunday night’s reunion episode. There were laughs, shocking moments and even a ‘yuge bombshell that’ll have you all giddy! After all, it’s definitely Australia’s most wholesome (and successful) reality TV show.

But of course, like every show, it definitely has its spicy moments. And apparently this year, Farmer Wants A Wife had too many spicy moments that folks were pissed off.

For those who are seeking only the spicy moments — sorry to the viewers who want wholesomeness — we’ve wrangled up all the bombshells from this year’s reunion.

So without further ado, here’s all the piping hot tea from the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion.

When was the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion recorded?

According to our Farmer Wants A Wife narrator, Samantha Armytage, the reunion took place a month after the farmers made their final choices.

ICYMI: Only three farmers had to make a choice in the two-part finale. This included Farmer Joe who picked Sarah, Farmer Todd who picked Daisy and Farmer Dustin who picked Sophie.

Farmer Dean left the show early after he found love with Teegan. Farmer Tom also yeeted from the show prematurely after he found love with Sarah C.

Unfortunately, for Farmer Bert, he left the show early to focus on his farm life. So yeah, he’s single… Can the Seven producers let me know if he’s on next year??? I know a friend or two…

Farmer Joe says he had a rocky start with Sarah after the finale

Farmer Joe was the first bloke to face the Commitment Couch, erm woops, I mean the regular Farmer Wants A Wife couch. After reminiscing on his journey, he revealed that he and Sarah did not get off to a great start.

Joe revealed that when they got back to the farm they “weren’t seeing eye to eye” and that they were “butting heads” a lot.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

“Instead of a high, it was like a sugar crash,” Joe revealed to his fellow castmates.

When Samantha asked if Sarah was around for the reunion, Joe answered that she was. Of course, she was brought out after a commercial break for the ~suspense~.

Despite their rocky start Sarah and Joe are still kicking it! Love this for them!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Prior to the reunion, Sarah took to social media to slam internet trolls who alleged that she and Joe had already split. But thankfully, this reunion put those rumours to bed.

Farmer Dustin’s cottage becomes a problem for his new relationship

So one of the obstacles that Sophie and Dustin ran into was his new crib. Post Farmer Wants A Wife, Dustin revealed that he lives in a fixer-upper home that needed a lot of tender love and care.

Purple pingers, where r u??? (Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Due to this, he cheekily let it slip that Sophie had put the breaks on their relationship due to his living conditions.

“We had a few days together and then we went our separate ways,” he revealed.

Sophie was thankfully at the reunion to spill on her side of the story regarding Dustin’s cheeky cottage — which she describes as the “boy’s house”, which reminds me of boy rooms???

Although she’s not too keen on his ~ sweet digs ~ the pair confirmed that they’re still together. How sweet!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Farmer Dean reveals his relationship status with Teegan

Unlike the other two farmers, Teegan and Dean have appeared to win the Farmer Wants A Wife jackpot with the pair talking about all the positives to their new relationship.

I mean, they were the first couple to yeet from this year’s season so I expect nothing less!

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Although they had a great had a great start with a great spark, the pair unfortunately announced that they have called it quits.

When he dropped the big bomb on the cast, Dean admitted that the split was a “bit of a shock” for him.

Teegan went on to reveal that she was the one to sound the alarm, saying that their romantic connection broke down when she realised how far away she was from her support network and the fact that Dean was always busy on the farm.

Dean and Teegan revealed that they were on good terms post-breakup.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Despite this breakup being a “shock” for Farmer Dean, it wasn’t a shock for us because some cheeky inside source spilled to So Dramatic! that the pair had broken up before the reunion.

Maybe he’ll come around to Farmer Wants A Wife for another rodeo?

Farmer Tom shares an update on his relationship

Farmer Wants A Wife is known for its wholesomeness, and honestly, Farmer Tom delivers exactly that. When he was asked about what he and Sarah C did after the show, he shared that he made a special desk for her so she could work from the farm.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

When Sarah joined her great hunk of spunk at the Farmer Wants A Wife couch, she said that their relationship was kinda “slow and steady”.

Uh-oh… Dramatic violins are playing in the background. JOKES.

This pair are still together but they’re currently in a long-distance relationship with Sarah still living in Western Australia.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Farmer Bert’s unexpected reconnection

As we all know, Farmer Bert left Farmer Wants A Wife as he’s “married” to the farm. I mean, he’s a pineapple farmer, so I totally get it. Pineapples are fuarking great.

However, in the reunion, Farmer Bert revealed that he made a connection with Caitlin after he walked into her tackle shop. But unfortunately, he did not elaborate if he rekindled anything romantic with his former Farmer Wants A Wife flame.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

BOOO! Spill the tea!!! I NEED romance!!!

Farmer Todd can hear the bells

One of the cutest things about Farmer Todd’s journey was that it was his mother who nominated him for the show! In the end, Farmer Todd picked Daisy as his new farmer girl!

The pair revealed after the show that they’ve had “little speed bumps” following their time on the show, but things seemed to be all good for the Farmer Wants A Wife couple.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

As soon as Daisy came down to join her farmer boo on the couch, the pair shared a cheeky snog confirming that they’re still together.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

But things to an exciting turn when Daisy revealed that they’ve been planning marriage and kiddos!!!

“I’ll give him his family but he’s gotta give me a nice big rock,” Daisy joked.

(Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Safe to say, this farmer has ~found~ a wife!

Welp! There ya have it. Australia’s most wholesome reality TV dating show has come to a close, giving us more successful couples.

Stay tuned for the engagement announcements… I predict Todd and Daisy are gonna be first!

Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife