Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Reunion: What Time Does The Reunion Start Tonight?

Australia’s favourite show about farmers wanting (and finding) wives is almost at its end for another season — but not before a reunion episode! So buckle in cowboys, cowgirls, and Channel Seven’s leak-plugging team; here’s when the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 reunion airs, and what to expect on the special episode!

This season of the Farmer Wants A Wife has been jam-packed with cute love stories, early leavers, pregnancy scandals, and yes, farmers.

Though the FWAW two-part finale may have given us closure on which farmer chose who to be his wifey, the show ain’t truly over until we see a reunion episode!

So as Season 14 comes to a close, here’s what you can expect from the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 reunion.

What time is the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion?

The reunion special for Season 14 of Farmer Wants A Wife will air on Sunday, May 26, at 8.30pm.

(Image: Instagram/@farmeraustralia.)

The episode will air immediately after the first episode of Seven’s newest renovation show, Dream Home, debuts at 7pm.

So if you want to have an evening filled with watching shows about things nobody younger than 50 can afford — home renovations and giant farms — then you’re all sorted!

Who will be in reunion?

Currently the faces confirmed to take part in the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion are the six farmers and the wives they decided they wanted over the course of the show – for those who did OFC.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Here’s who you can expect to see on the reunion ep:

  • Farmer Bert, riding solo.
  • Farmer Dean and (maybe) Teegan — rumours are they’ve split!
  • Farmer Dustin and Sophie.
  • Farmer Joe and Sarah.
  • Farmer Todd and Daisy.
  • Farmer Tom and Sarah.

The special will be hosted by Samantha Armitage, and might have a cheeky appearance from FWAW’s original iconic host Natalie Gruzlewski if fans are lucky and producers can work their magic/devilry.

Is there a trailer for the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion?

After the second part of the FWAW finale aired, a trailer for the reunion episode gave fans a sneak peak of what to expect from the episode.

A full version of the trailer can be viewed here on the official Farmer Wants A Wife Instagram page, which is edited slightly different to the one that was originally broadcast.

In it we can see that Samantha is joined by all six farmers in the one room, where she jokes that they “all look terrified”.

Terrified? Who, us? (Image: Channel Seven)

The brief trailer shared that the episode will cover a few key topics, such as highlights from the season, but more importantly: which couples are still together.

At first it looked a lot like Farmer Joe is no longer together with his partner, Sarah, based on the trailer and supposed leaks.

Joe getting asked literally any question. (Image: Channel Seven)

However in response to whispers running rampant about their break up, Sarah went on her IG Stories and began blasting people for spreading rumours!

Additionally, in the newer version of the trailer it appears as though Joe and Sarah have been given a kinder edit, with their future looking a bit more likely than in the originally broadcast trailer.

Edits that fans have slammed BTW.

Source: Instagram.

So honestly, not sure at all what to believe here. Guess we’ll have to tune in at 8:30pm and find out.

What will happen on the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion?

What is supposed to happen on these special reunion episodes is each of the six farmers are supposed to turn up fo the cameras one last time, and share with their fellow farmers (and viewers) how their Farmer Wants A Wife relationships were able to survive outside of the show.

In the lead up to the episode, there are more rumours about what is going to go down on this spicy reunion episode than there are farmers, with reports that at least half of the farmers could be turning up no longer dating their partner.

Lowkey, the fans who are slamming this season of Farmer Wants A Wife for being more like Married At First Sight could be onto something… but hey, ratings are ratings!

FWAW has been beloved for many years due to how it seemed to consistently churn out successful couples, however after network and format changes in recent years that hit rate has dropped.

So far there have already been plenty of leaks that couples who left early, like Dean and Teegan, split up once their relationship entered the big bad real world.

Still together??? (Image: Channel Seven)

So what’s going to happen when all these solo farmers and wives and hosts get in a room together? Will the show be the beacon of wholesome television it is known as, or will things become MAFS 2.0?

We’ll have to tune in on Sunday to find out… but where do we tune in???

Where to watch Farmer Wants A Wife

If you’re looking to tune in on the romance/messy drama that may or may not be included in the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion, then you’ll wanna be watching on Channel Seven. It can also be streamed live, or on demand on 7Plus.

[Image credit: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife/Instagram]