Farmer Wants A Wife S14 Is Here So Dust Off Your Akubra And Join Me In An Enthusiastic Yeehaw!!!

Polish your RM Williams and find yourself an Akubra because it’s Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 time, baby!

It may be one of the tamer (see: arguably boring) reality shows, but the lack of manufactured drama is what a lot of people adore about this show. I love range in reality television!!

For those who aren’t familiar, FWAW follows a bunch of people who crave the beauty of the outdoors, looking for stable monogamous relationships with farmers. To make this happen, they get a bunch of women to go live on a farm with some dude and see how it goes as they’re eliminated one by one.

Here’s how much they get paid for the series, btw.

Anyway, Farmer Wants A Wife boasts that it’s one of the country’s most successful reality dating shows and the numbers are pretty damn impressive. So far, over 13 seasons, the show has resulted in eight marriages and 19 children — with the potential for one more on the way after rumours are already out that one of this year’s FWAW contestants had a pregnancy scare.

Now that Season 14 has kicked off, here is everything we know about it. YEEHAW!

The gang’s all here!!! (Image: Channel Seven)

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When is The Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 start date?

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 premiered on April 14 at 7pm on Channel 7 and on demand on 7Plus. It’s currently scheduled for four nights a week from Sunday to Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Where to watch Farmer Wants A Wife 2024

If you like to watch FWAW live — and join in on the fun discourse on X (formerly known as Twitter) — you can do that by switching on Channel Seven or streaming it live from 7Plus.

If you miss the live boat, you can find the episodes on demand on 7Plus, too.

Who is the Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 host?

Samantha Armitage is returning as the main host this season. The former Sunrise host joined the show in 2022 alongside the OG host Natalie Gruzlewski to help the farmers with their looooove journey. Along with being an experienced host, Samantha is uniquely qualified for this gig after she fell in love with a farmer herself. Bless up!

(Image: Twitter / Farmer Wants A Wife)

For the Natalie fans, don’t worry your little noggin’. After so much experience on the show Natalie will be helping Samantha and the farmers along the way.

Who are the 2024 farmers?

Farmer Todd, 33

In a massive piece of news to the farmers who’d already been on the, farmer Todd (33) was introduced later into the season as an intruder/new company. A hot new bombshell has entered the farm!

Farmer Todd. (Supplied)

On April 30, at the end of the Tuesday night episode host Natalie (we said she’d be popping in occasionally!) surprised the farmers by unveiling that with the extra space from Dean leaving, cattle-farmer Todd would be joining the mix.

Todd has revealed to Seven News that he is a third-generation farmer, looking for the good life, a happy marriage, and some kids.

“Someone who’ll enjoy living on the farm and the farming lifestyle,” he told the publication.

Though Todd’s intrusion was teased in late April, viewers proper introduction to doesn’t happen until the following episode on Sunday, May 5.

Farmer Bert, 30

Farmer Bert, 30, from Wamuran, Queensland is a pineapple and dragon fruit farmer. This is great news for his future partner because you know what they say about men that eat a lot of pineapples!!!!

Jokes aside, Bert is a fourth-generation farmer who runs the family farm single-handedly. He’s determined to keep it afloat and is looking for a partner who can share his passion for farm life. Bert is looking for someone outgoing who loves adventure and must have a good sense of humour.

Farmer Joe, 33

Farmer Joe, 33, is a cattle and sheep farmer from Bombala, NSW. He’s got a cheeky little grin and a personality to match.

In his spare time, he loves playing rugby, riding horses, and fishing but he says the most important thing to him is family.

Joe, along with Todd is the oldest farmer in the mix this season, but I reckon that’s a good thing. He’s spent time living and working around the world but decided to come home to his family farm with a dream to bring it back to what it once was.

Farmer Dustin, 26

Farmer Dustin, 26, from Conobolin, NSW, is hoping to settle down, get hitched and pop out some kids before he hits 30. That’s a tough timeline, Dusty, but it’s worth a crack!!!

Dustin is a third-generation farmer who takes a lot of pride in his family’s heritage. He’s the most remote farmer this season who raises cattle, sheep, goats and various crops.

Dustin refers to himself as a “girlfriend guy” and is after a partner who is fun-loving, resilient and has a good sense of humour. As his family is very close, he’s looking for someone who can blend seamlessly with his friends and family.

Farmer Dean, 25

Farmer Dean, 25, from Kandanga, Queensland is hoping that coming on Farmer Wants A Wife will help him kick start a love similar to his parent’s 30-year love story, and his grandparent’s 67-year marriage.

The third-generation cattle and watermelon farmer is seeking someone who is hard-working, ambitious, has a good attitude and is always seeking out new challenges.

And luckily for Dean, it seemed like he was able to speed-run his time on the show and find love in only six-weeks with Teegan.

Not wanting to bother wasting time, Teegan and Dean left the show early, which gave room for Todd to join the show as a late intruder.

Farmer Tom, 22

Farmer Tom is a 22-year-old farmer from Tabilk, Victoria. He’s a third-generation farmer who has managed his own contracting business since he was a teenager. Plus, he runs the farm with his dad. Pretty impressive, no?

When he’s not working hard, Tom enjoys spending his time at country music festivals, travelling or going to horse shows.

Tom doesn’t take life too seriously and is searching for someone who can have a laugh with him. He’s a true romantic at heart and is really hoping that going on the show will help him find The One.

Head HERE to see which gal each bloke ends up with!

Where was the FWAW Season 14 filmed?

One of the best things about Farmer Wants A Wife is the setting. Instead of the set being controlled like many other reality shows, FWAW showcases the beauty of remote Australian landscapes.

As always, filming takes place on the farmer’s actual farms. Neato!!

This season was filmed across a series of locations including Bombala, NSW, Kandanga Creek in Qld, Tahblik, Vic, Wamuran, Qld and Condobolin in NSW.

Is there a trailer for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024?

Oh yes, yes there is! You can check it out below.