Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 Finale Part 2: When Does It Air So You Can See Which Farmers Get Wifeys?

Australia’s most wholesome (and successful) reality TV dating show Farmer Wants A Wife is coming to an end. So we got all the deets you need to see which couples yippee ki yay off into the sunset.

Although we’ve been loving all the drama this season has been giving us — such as three farmers leaving the show early and a rumoured pregnancy scare — it is finally coming to an end.

Thankfully, it’s destined to be a finale packed with gooey, lovey-dovey moments. Unlike another show we know that features yelling matches, cheating bombshells and sometimes, wine throwing. IYKYK.

So if you’re ready to watch some farmer find a bloody wife, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife finale.

What time is the Farmer Wants A Wife Finale: Part 2?

The second part of the finale for Farmer Wants A Wife will air on Tuesday, May 21 at 7.30pm.

On Monday, both Farmer Todd and Farmer Dustin made their final choices. On Tuesday, Farmer Joe will make one of the hardest decisions of his (love) life and choose his potential future wife.

(Image source: Instagram / @farmeraustralia)

If you’re keen to see who wins the hearts of the final trio, be sure to tune into Channel 7 — or 7plus — at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

What happened on the Farmer Wants A Wife Finale: Part 1?

On May 20 the first part of the Farmer Wants A Wife finale aired, where fans watched as Farmers Todd and Dustin chose who would be their potential wives — with at least one of the choices leaving fans audibly upset.

Farmer Todd got absolutely trashed when he made the unexpected decision to choose Daisy to be his wife over Grace.

Pictured: complaints incoming. (Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife)

Fans complained that Daisy and Todd’s relationship was doomed to fail, due to the amount of red-flags they could identify from the footage aired on the show.

Alternatively, Famer Dustin’s decision between Sophie and Anna resulted in him choosing the former, dropping the big old “in love” bomb in his confession.

(Image source: Instagram / @farmeraustralia)

“This farmer found a wife!” Dustin celebrated, simultaneously breaking the fourth wall by shouting to the camera.

Despite concerns at what Sophie will have to sacrifice by moving to the farm with her new boo, reports say that the couple are relatively happy together in the lead up to the FWAW 2024 reunion.

Which Farmers have left Farmer Wants A Wife during the season?

Three farmers have left the show earlier on in the season!

Farmer Dean was the first bloke to leave after he found love with Tegan. Following that love fest, Farmer Tom yeeted out of the competition with Sarah C!

Unfortunately, Cupid’s bow missed Farmer Bert as he chose to leave the show mid-season to focus on his farm. Soon after his departure, rumours began to swirl that he was secretly seeing Lauren.

Lauren has since responded to the rumours via a statement on Instagram, saying that they’re just friends.

“Just wanted to make a quick announcement for those that are invested in FWAW,” she wrote.

“Of course, I left the show of my own accord in April, but rumours have been swirling that Bert and I are a couple.”

“I know this will be disappointing for some to hear, but we are not together.”

(Image source: Instagram / @Laurenmcfeels)

When will the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion episode air?

The Farmer Wants A Wife reunion episode will air on Sunday, May 26. Because what better way is there to end your week than watch a bunch of people say they are no longer together?

There haven’t been too many details out there regarding the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion special. However, Caitlin, who was vying for the heart of Farmer Bert, reportedly confirmed that the reunion will happen in a private Facebook group, per Chattr.

Also, there has been drama surrounding this reunion special, with an inside source telling So Dramatic! that Farmer Dean and Tegan had split before the reunion, which was reportedly filmed in January.

Spicy since they were the first to leave the show together!

(Image source: Instagram / @farmeraustralia)

What is the prize for winning Farmer Wants A Wife?

Well, a farmer “wins” a wife and a wife “wins” a farmer, I guess?

On the plus side, folks will win love which is the best gift of all. You can also say they might’ve won some IG followers. Unfortunately, that prize is not guaranteed.

For folks who are itching to join the show for monetary needs, it’s been reported that contestants and farmers get paid a minimal fee per filming day. Fun!

You can catch Farmer Wants A Wife 7.30pm Sunday to Tuesday on Channel 7 or on 7plus.