Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmer Joe’s Choice In The Finale Surprised Almost A Whole Dozen People

The two-part finale for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 has wrapped up, and Farmer Joe has made the difficult choice of who should be his future wife between Sarah and Keely. However, as the episode aired it seemed like a majority of fans already knew who Joe was going to choose, meaning that his finale-ending decision surprised practically nobody. So why did this happen?

Of course, we’re talking about who Joe, a farmer, wanted as his wife, which is the name and game of the show. So there’s about to be massive spoilers for the season finale, and this is your warning!

Who did Farmer Joe choose in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale?

In the emotional finale of season 14 of Farmer Wants A Wife, Farmer Joe did a whole bunch of stuff to try and help him make his final choice between Sarah and Keely.

First he went on dates with Sarah and met her family, then he did the same with Keely, and at the end of it he came closer to making a choice.

Just kidding, he said these extra dates made it harder for him to choose, of course.

But ultimately, when push came to shove, Farmer Joe had to choose, and he chose Sarah.

Source: Farmer Wants A Wife/Channel Seven.

“From the moment I first saw you… you took my breathe away,” Joe told her.

Unfortunately for Keely, Joe felt that though they would have been perfect for each other when they were younger, his responsibility to take care of the farm meant that she wasn’t the one for him.

Why weren’t fans surprised by Joe’s choice?

Farmer Joe’s decision to choose Sarah to be his future partner, although it was the entire reason for the previous season of television, left a whole a whole bunch of viewers feeling absolutely unsurprised.

In fact some viewers even believed that the entire segment in which the farmer confessed to the cameras that he was still unsure was completely fabricated by the production team.

On top of that, during points on the show where Farmer Joe was asked by Sarah’s family members and friends if he could see himself falling in love with her, when he failed to make an intelligible answer, fans were confused.

Was the reason for his stammering because he didn’t have an answer? Or because he wasn’t allowed to give away the ending of the show to soon?

Before the episode, sites such as Sportsbet showed that Sarah was the favourite choice of punters because of how close it looked like she and Farmer Joe were during the season of FWAW.

Ultimately this meant that fans were happy when the result was eventually called, even if the surprise factor was low.

The major reason why it was also an unsurprising result is because of the fact that for weeks since the season of Farmer Wants A Wife started airing, there had been rumours that Farmer Joe was already back on the market after choosing Sarah.

It was revealed early on by So Dramatic! that Joe had chosen Sarah — AND that he and her had already split up.

On top of that, apparently Joe has been sliding into DMs since the filming of the season wrapped up.

Neither he nor Sarah have had any confirmation of the split on their socials. Which makes sense because they’d be firmly under wraps by the producers.

Of course, this cannot be confirmed until we see the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion special, which airs on Sunday. So until then, all of this is still strictly speculation and spilt tea.

A reunion which it already looks like Sarah isn’t turning up to based on the current trailer! Yikes!

[Image: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife/Instagram]