Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah Reveals The Spicy Reason She Was Absent From The Finale Wedding

Farmer Wants A Wife star Sarah Carey has seemingly confirmed her relationship status with Farmer Joe and spilled more tea about the producers and her final edit.

Heads up! This article features Farmer Wants A Wife spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Following the show’s big finale, where our farmer bois picked their future wives as the show’s title intended, many folks weren’t too pleased with Farmer Joe’s decision.

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In the end, the Bombala baddie picked Sarah, and the pair shared a big snog in the stables. However, in the second half of the episode, Farmer Joe attended a wedding without his new partner which sparked rumours of a split between the two.

Fans began to flood the Farmer Wants A Wife social media accounts, alleging that the pair didn’t make it beyond the lights, camera and action. In response to this, Sarah took to her own Instagram account to put the rumours on blast.

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Now, the Farmer Wants A Wife star has come clean about the whole experience and has seemingly confirmed that she and Farmer Joe are still in cahoots despite the scathing rumours and theories that have been circulating on the interwebs.

Speaking to 7News, the participant said that seeing the reaction to her finale with Farmer Joe made it “one of the hardest times of [her life]”.

“I was quite emotional and upset, there was a fair bit of trolling,” Sarah revealed.

“So that was probably one of the hardest times of my life, if I’m honest.

“I got to the end of it and quite honestly I was crying on the phone to Joe.”

The 31-year-old also shared with the publication that she’d been stopped on the streets by people telling her they were “surprised he chose you”. Umm, what the actual fuck?

Why did Sarah not attend the wedding at the Farmer Wants A Wife finale?

Sarah’s absence from Season 11’s Farmer Andrew and Jess‘ wedding fuelled rumours that she and Joe were donezo. In the episode, Sarah was on a Facetime chat with Joe, stating that she was unable to attend due to a “prior commitment”.

In her interview with 7News, Sarah revealed two reasons as to why she wasn’t at the reality TV nuptials. The first one was that producers “didn’t want to give away the ending” to Farmer Joe’s journey.

“They [producers] didn’t want to give away the ending — which is totally understandable,” she said.

“It was always known that whoever ended up with Joe was not allowed to go because they didn’t know timeframes (for the series to air) yet.”

She then added that she copped a new job in Bombala, which was near Joe’s farm.

“It’s not a good look on your first week of work asking to take time off,” she continued.

“I would have loved to have gone but it was too last-minute.”

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During her interview with 7News, Sarah urged fans of the show to “lead with kindness”.

This isn’t the first time she slammed the rumours. On Friday, Sarah took to her Instagram account to call out trolls, the breakup rumours and producers for the way the finale was edited.

Regardless if it’s all a front for the Reunion (happening tonight BTW) I don’t think Sarah and Joe deserve all the hate. It’s literally just Farmer Wants A Wife, and thankfully for Joe, he has seemingly found one.

Wishing the best for this new couple!