Farmer Wants A Wife’s Two-Part Finale Is Officially Over: Here’s Everything That Happened

The Farmer Wants A Wife finale for the 2024 season is done and dusted, and the final farmer has chosen his future wifey! As well as a bunch of cute pop songs and heartfelt moments between Farmer Joe, Keely, and Sarah, there was also an entire wedding for a previous Farmer Wants A Wife couple!

The episode was packed to the brim with tense moments in the form of awkward questions from friends and family members, and of course the “biggest decision” of Farmer Joe’s life.

And after the highs and lows of that choice, Joe caught up with his friend Farmer Andrew who was getting married to his “ride or die”, Jess, after they met on a season of the show in 2021.

Obviously some big spoiler warnings ahead, so stop reading now if you don’t want to find out everything that happened in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale!

What happened in the Farmer Wants A Wife Finale: Part 2?

First off, Farmer Joe got whisked off to a cutesy waterfall with Sarah which was reminiscent of their first date together.

After this cute spot and intimate time together, Joe was then whisked away to meet Sarah’s family, where he was grilled intensely about his feelings for Sarah and if she was “the one” for him.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

And when he failed to provide an adequate answer to that question, some red flags were raised to Sarah about her future with the farmer, which made for an awkward last evening for the two.

The process was then repeated with the other leading lady, Keely, where they went on a cute date, and then Farmer Joe was introduced to her parents and brother.

About three questions in a row from Keely’s bro could be summarised as: “Are you going to pick my sister?” which Joe was still unable to answer.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

This caused a dilemma for the 33-year-old farmer, as he realised that he was no closer to making a choice.

“Ultimately I’m going to break someone’s heart, someone who doesn’t deserve it,” a distressed Farmer Joe said.

He had hoped that these family visits would help him come closer to a decision, however he revealed that if anything, they had made it harder.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

“This is one of the biggest decisions in my life I’ve ever made,” stated Joe — much to the joy of whichever Channel Seven producer was looking for that exact soundbite and then played it in every single advert.

Who did Farmer Joe choose in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale?

The first person to make the nervous walk to Joe’s barn was Sarah. Leaving the car and arriving at the cute spot that had been chosen for the big heart-to-heart conversation, Farmer Joe began laying on the sweet talk.

“From the moment I first saw you in the Hunter Valley, you took my breath away,” Joe opened, exclaiming yet again how attracted to her.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

And then, as Sarah’s eyes lit up, the producers played the oldest trick in the book.

“But…” Joe began.


(Sorry, it was just such a tease. These techniques are effective for a reason, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t infuriating.)

Once Keely met up with Farmer Joe in the same location, the process repeated itself as Joe began saying all the things he liked about her.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

Joe said that he loved her youthfulness and how “fun” she was… however these strengths also worked against her.

“I feel like our timing is wrong,” Joe said, before choking up.

“I feel like our younger selves would’ve adventured and taken over the world together,” he explained.

But ultimately, he couldn’t do that adventuring anymore due to needing to stick with the farm.

Keely was not his choice.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

“I’m disappointed and sad. I was definitely hoping for a different outcome. And it will take a moment to be okay,” Keely said.

“But I’ve been here before, and I know I’ll be okay.”

Finally, after keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with Joe’s “BUT” statement, the camera focus returned to him and Sarah.

Joe shared with Sarah that though he may not have everything in the future figured out, he wanted to be with her.

“I want to start my life with someone who doesn’t need me, but wants me,” he told her, before asking if she would be that person.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

And she said yes!

“I’m ready to just start my life with Joe,” said Sarah in a confessional.

And they all lived happily ever after!

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

… Except for all those rumours that they don’t!

Oopsie daisy, looks like we’ll have to tune in to the reunion special to find out if they stay together. Isn’t reality television just fab?

After what would usually be the end of the episode, for some reason this season instead decided to end with the wedding of an entirely different couple from an entirely different season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

Jess and Andrew met and chose each other in the 2021 season of the show, and now have stayed together long enough to put a ring on it — at the expense of the Seven Network of course.

Source: Channel Seven/Farmer Wants A Wife.

Joe, a good friend of Andrew, was one of the members of the bridal party, and celebrated with Andrew.

“Love, laughter, and happily ever after,” Joe toasted to the groom.

I’m going to be so honest, this was such a wild choice of how to end the episode IMO.

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“No one is tuning in for the wedding,” wrote a user on X (formerly Twitter) in response to the wildcard ending.

Anyway, they spent the last 30 of the episode reminding people of an entirely new couple who we hadn’t heard of for several years, and then that couple got married.

Still a less confusing ending than Inception though, so I’ll take it. Congrats to Andrew and Jess!

There you go, that’s everything that happened in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale. You’re welcome, now you can go back to doom-scrolling.

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