Farmer Wants A Wife Fans Aren’t Too Happy With Farmer Bert’s Journey On The Show

Farmer Wants A Wife‘s Farmer Bert has seemingly ruffled the feathers of some viewers following his attitude towards his reality TV journey.

Woah! Hold your horses. This article contains Farmer Wants A Wife spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Although this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife has officially come to a close with Sunday night’s reunion special, the off-screen drama has just begun.

Most recently, it appears that Farmer Bert has angered some viewers over his decision to leave the show early. You see, unlike Farmer Dean and Farmer Tom, who both decided to leave Farmer Wants A Wife prematurely because they’d found love before the finale, the pineapple farmer chose to yeet out of the experience to focus on his first love, the farm.

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In the reunion, Farmer Bert reiterated that he wanted to focus on his farm work, but hinted that he might’ve rekindled something with Caitlin after he walked into her tackle shop. However, he did not elaborate if they’ve continued to stay in touch post-reality TV.

Following the season’s ending, viewers took to the r/farmerwantsawife subreddit to put Berty on blast, questioning why he even decided to go on the show.

Redditor u/sapphire_rainy shared a post stating that they were confused over Farmer Bert’s decision to join this year’s cast.

“Just confused about why Bert bothered to go on the show in the first place when he essentially said, in the end, that his work was top priority and that he wasn’t ready for a relationship,” they wrote.

“In my opinion, he appeared very uninterested and indifferent to the women who were there and put in little effort with them.”

The Redditor went on to say that he “barely looked in the girls in the eyes” during single dates, and questioned if he had any real chemistry with the women who were vying for his heart.

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Within the thread, fellow Redditors / Farmer Wants A Wife viewers came up with reasons behind why Farmer Bert might’ve joined the show, with some people suggesting he was “scouted” for the show.

“People don’t go on TV shows to get into a relationship… They do it for attention. Clowns the lot of them,” one Redditor commented.

“I wondered if he was approached to go on the show too. He’s the best looking of the bunch and a lot of reality TV contestants are ‘scouted’ rather than applying themselves, especially if they’re the type to draw an audience,” a second person wrote.

“Maybe he didn’t realise a relationship would be such hard work on top of the work he was already doing. Sometimes what seems like a good idea isn’t the same in reality,” wrote a third.

As of writing, it appears that Farmer Bert has yet to find his future wife at all. However, some rumours were swirling before the reunion that claimed he’d been in cahoots with Lauren.

However, that was quickly shut down by the participant who shared an Instagram Story dispelling the dating rumours.

“Just wanted to make a quick announcement for those that are invested in FWAW,” she wrote.

“Of course, I left the show of my own accord in April, but rumours have been swirling that Bert and I are a couple.”

“I know this will be disappointing for some to hear, but we are not together.”

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Farmer Bert wasn’t the only bloke from this year’s cast to come out of the show single. Unfortunately, for Farmer Dean, he revealed that he and Teegan had called it quits after they left the show together.

Oh well. There’s always next season, I guess!

Image source: Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife