Farmer Wants A Wife’s Karli Hard Launches New Boyfriend Who Is Weirdly Obsessed With Potatoes

Farmer Wants A Wife Karli Hinkley and new boyfriend Mitchell

Farmer Bert left Farmer Wants A Wife without a wife, because he was already happily married to the farm. Not sure why he went on the show in the first place if he was so smitten with his beloved pineapples, but he left a string of broken hearts in his wake. 

The pineapple farmer had an instant connection with Karli Hinkley, but didn’t end up picking the brunette. It’s not all sad news for Karli though, because she’s just hard-launched her new boyfriend. 

There were whispers about her meeting someone new earlier this month, but it’s likely Seven has contestants under strict contracts about what they can and can’t share, so nobody spoils the ending. 

She shared a few snaps on Instagram with her new squeeze Mitchell Gorman, and appears to be flaunting her (empty) ring finger. Could this be a hint of something to come? 

FWAW star Karli Hinkley and new boyfriend Mitchell Gorman

Karli has finally found love. (Image: Instagram @karli_hinkley)

“Love of my life”, she wrote in the painfully sweet caption. 

Fans were stoked for her, with one person saying: “So happy for you chicky babe.”

“She’s got her farmer, and he’s [hot] lol,” another added. 

“You were my favourite on FWAW and this man is way better, congratulations,” a third said.

“I absolutely love this. He is a very lucky man to have you in his life,” another commented. 

Who is Farmer Wants A Wife’s Karli Hinkley’s new boyfriend Mitchell Gorman?

Mitchell has his Instagram profile set to public, which is bold, and he seems to have an obsession with… potatoes? Is he a potato farmer? His nickname appears to be ‘Spud’, with one of Karli’s relatives writing in a comment: “Welcome to the fam, Spud”. 

His bio is simple, reading: “Life’s a garden, Dig it!”, along with a potato emoji. 

His first Instagram post back in 2015 (yes, I went back that far, sue me) also shows him with a sack of potatoes across his back, competing in the Thorpdale Potato Festival.

Apparently this is a thing, because a quick search on Facebook shows Mitchell won the Vin Rowe Ultimate spud challenge in 2019. 

The Thorpdale Potato Festival takes place in Gippsland, Victoria, and it celebrates the history of potato farming that’s taken place in the area for yonks. Last year, the event raised over $100,000 for the community, so it’s not something to sneeze at. 

The next Thorpdale spud event takes place in 2025, so perhaps the Spud King himself and Karli could tie the knot there.

Feature image: Instagram @karli_hinkley & @mitchgormo4