MAFS 2023 Isn’t Even Here Yet & One Bloke Is Already Reported To Be On His Villain Arc Shit

MAFS 2023 expert Mel Schilling on show with white text which reads "stop"
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2023 isn’t even here yet and we’ve already been bombarded with enough drama and chaos to sustain us for at least seven months (see: one of next year’s The Bachelor contestants apparently stops a wedding to drop a ‘yuge bombshell on a bride-to-be). And now it looks like we’ve had a glimpse at out first example of villainous, gross behaviour from one of the grooms.

I don’t know about you but I’m already tired.

A MAFS 2023 production source told Daily Mail Australia a groom allegedly butt-dialled his bride and she reportedly heard him call her a “nightmare” and “a cunt”.

Disgusting. Vulgar. A truly dehumanising and demeaning insult, in my books.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the bride who allegedly hears the bloke she’s coupled up with saying abhorrent things about her is Hobart-based nurse Tayla Winter. Her groom is said to be Sydney-based account executive Hugo Armstrong, as previously reported by the publication.

The insider told Daily Mail Australia that Winter “felt humiliated” and, you know, who can blame her? If I were to think of something which would make me feel mortified, it’s definitely being called a foul insult on national television by the guy you’re sharing a bed with. From a bloody butt-dial, no less.

As with all insider #tea, we must remember this hasn’t been confirmed. But if it is true, I will be watching MAFS 2023 with bated breath to see this bloke get his comeuppance.

Winter and Armstrong will be one of two intruder couples to slay the house down boots on MAFS Season 10. Sydney-based influencer and former Big Brother UK 2016 contestant Evelyn Ellis and Brisbane electrician Rupert Budgen have been announced as the other intruder couple.

In further MAFS 2023 news, another insider told Daily Mail Australia there will be a partner-swapping task, which sounds absolutely bonkers.

As the name suggests, folks were reportedly told to swap partners for three days and live with their new bride/groom at Skye Suites in Sydney, where MAFS is filmed.

“I don’t know if it was because there were too many couples in the end and they just wanted to test who was genuine or not, or they just wanted to shake things up,” a source told the publication.

“Some partners refused to do it. They didn’t see the point of it and were like, ‘No way this would happen [in] the outside world’.”

What I’d give to be a fly on the wall when someone tells the MAFS 2023 contestants about ethical non-monogamy. True mic drop moment for those brides and grooms.

In case you haven’t watched it already, might I suggest giving the MAFS 2023 trailer a watch? There’s glitz, there’s glamour and obviously, loads of shocked facial expressions which will make stunning reaction pictures.