The First MAFS 2023 Trailer Just Dropped & You Can Already Tell This Season’s Gonna Be Carnage

MAFS trailer 2023 released

The first trailer for MAFS 2023 has just dropped and so have our jaws. Strap in, fellow trash lovers, because we’re in for a wild one.

Take a peek for yourselves at this cinematic experience which was sneakily released on Saturday night.

It’s fair to say the trailer is super theatrical and begins like a scene from “The Great Gatsby”. Albeit, on a significantly lower budget and set in Australia (fark yeah).

TBH, it’s the movie that Gatsby’s Aussie director Baz Luhrmann should’ve made.

The melodramatic tone paired with the luxurious decor, glam outfits and slightly haunting soundtrack could’ve also been mistaken for a “Phantom of The Opera” or The Bold and the Beautiful scene. Very soapy.

Not gonna lie though, I kinda vibed the change of pace.

There was definitely a decision made by the producers to go for a more polished, refined look instead of just featuring the usual bickering, fighting and swearing we’ve come to expect from MAFS hype trailers.

However, there were a LOT of shocked facial expressions, hinting at pure pandemonium.

Near the end of the MAFS trailer, we hear a bride say “love is a beautiful thing, just grab it,” which would’ve been a fabulous attempt at poetry for a grade five.

Out of all the quotes they could’ve pulled, that was the one they landed on? Really?

It absolutely pales in comparison to the linguistic prowess of Brent Vitiello‘s “good luck, and good riddance”, or that time Al Perkins quoted Eminem to ex-bride Sam Moitzi and said his palms were sweaty, his knees were weak and his arms were sweaty during his wedding vowels.

One thing’s for sure, Season Nine will be tough to beat, but hopefully season 10 also brings the chaos in 2023.

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