Apparently The Next MAFS Szn Has An ‘Evil Twist’ That Made Some Contestants Want To Fully Quit

mafs 2023 dan hunjas spoiled ending

Just when we thought Married At First Sight was chaotic enough, the incoming MAFS 2023 season apparently has a massive twist that totally flips the show and it hasn’t gone down well with contestants.

Per Yahoo! Lifestyle, season 10 of MAFS is pretty hectic and hits the ground running with explosive drama from episode one. But things take a turn when the show dumps a new twist on the contestants that the couples slammed as “evil”.

“Producers thought the show was starting to feel stagnant with the same format and tasks each year, so they’ve completely flipped everything this time around,” a source told Yahoo!.

“Halfway through the experiment, they introduced one twist that has never been done before, which the couples described as evil.

“Some participants even threatened to quit and everyone has been sworn to secrecy.”

Good lord, what on earth has the MAFS team thrown in the mix this year to push contestants to the point where they want to quit the show entirely?

The incoming cast for MAFS 2023 reportedly includes some intruders that we may have seen on other reality shows before. Perhaps that’s the twist? Bringing in people who have experience in the reality TV world so they know how to play the game? Giving people an advantage of MAFS not being their first rodeo?

There are also big whispers that season 9 fave Selina Chhaur returns to the show next season for her second run at love after she was (awfully) paired with Cody. You know, the white bread bloke who did the whole “I’m not racist but…” charade when asked if her ethnicity was the reason why he wasn’t attracted to her. (It was.)

Or maybe the big twist this year takes notes from other reality shows where the cast isn’t bound to exclusively rootin’ and tootin’ each other. I mean Love Triangle had a cheating scandal this week when one of the blokes hooked up with a woman outside of the show after a night out with the fellas.

Perhaps MAFS is going to let the couples run wild across Sydney’s nightlife in season 10 instead of containing the chaos to the dinner parties?

I personally want a couple-swap twist to happen this year. A real Survivor-style “drop ya buffs” (or wedding rings?) situation where everyone gets re-paired at the peak of the season. Let John Aiken live his best Jeff Probst/Jonathan LaPaglia life, already!

We’re just gonna have to wait and see what this “evil” twist is, I suppose. Married At First Sight is slated to air on Channel 9 and 9Now in 2023.