MAFS Expert John Aiken Has Explained Exactly Why The Hell That Cooked Couple-Swap Took Place

john aiken mafs couple swaptwist

Married At First Sight (MAFS) relationship expert and full-time daddy John Aiken has given an interview explaining the reasoning behind the cooked couples swap on the show. Yes John, please tell us what goes through the SICK minds of the MAFS producers.

Fans of MAFS were handed this season’s first shock twist in the form of a couple swap, in which contestants are forced to live with somebody else’s partner for three days.

Most folks assumed this was a cheeky little stunt to cause chaos amongst the cast, especially when people like Bunnings tool Harrison Boon were paired with Melinda Willis.

Sure, MAFS experts, this is really going to teach them a thing or two about perspective. Maybe it’s a “grass is greener” approach?

“What we wanted to do this year, being Season 10, is really try and up the ante with the couples,” John Aiken told 9Now.

“They’ve watched the series, so they tend to know what’s coming.

“It’s essentially a very intense form of getting a critique from people outside of your relationship. We re-pair the couples, so that they can get up close and personal with someone who is going to give them feedback about their marriage.”

I mean, I can kind of see what they’re going for here, but I still feel like it was a genius move to get our eyes GLUED to the screens. How much insight is someone like Harrison really going to provide for you and your husband? I’d rather take advice from a cane toad.

In the interview, however, Aiken reassured viewers that this decision wasn’t made with drama in mind.

“When you’re thinking about who you’re going to re-pair these people with, you’re thinking about whose going to… not so much get along, but who is going to be honest with each other,” he said.

That explains why some of the re-pairings were so bizarre. I guess if you’re paired up with someone you’re friends with they’ll just tell you nice things.

I applaud the team who came up with this idea for a MAFS twist. It’s giving evil genius and I am simply obsessed.

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