MAFS Stars Are Pissed About Being Snubbed From Reunion & Oh Shit, I Forgot These People Existed

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Last week, it was announced that a bunch of your fave contestants from Channel Nine’s iconic reality series Married At First Sight (MAFS) would be returning for a reunion special, MAFS: All Stars.

According to The Wash, Nine has commissioned the show, which is expected to hit our screens just before the new season starts in late January.

The two-part special will bring back the former couples to air their dirty laundry once again.

The cast list is yet to be confirmed, but The Wash is already asserting that the following people will be in attendance at the chaotic dinner party.

  • Jules Robinson & Cameron Merchant (S6)
  • Erin Bateman & Bryce Mohr (S2)
  • Martha Kalifatidis & Michael Brunelli (S6)
  • Dean Wells (S5)
  • Tracey Jewel (S5)
  • Jessika Power (S6)
  • Ines Basic (S6)
  • Mike Gunner (S6)
  • Cyrell Paule (S6)
  • Patrick Miller (S5)
  • Charlene Perera (S5)
  • Cheryl Maitland (S4)

Following the announcement, a bunch of MAFS stars who are not listed above have called out the show on social media.

 Sean Donnelly from season 5 (… who?) called out the show for seeking “ratings ratings ratings”, blasting the… let’s just say See You Next Tuesdays, for not including him. Scarlett Cooper agreed with Sean, writing: “Yep!”

Season 6 star Mel Lucarelli was miffed that she was alienated from the reunion when of all the former contestants, she’s the one with the most unfinished business, she feels.

“Saw this and thought it may be for the people they purposely mismatched, to this time finding them a genuine match,” she wrote.

“Nope,” MAFS star Clare Verrall wrote. And finally, Mike Gunner, who is rumoured to be joining the reunion, expressed his excitement at coming face-to-face with Nasser Sultan.

“He’s insulted several of my friends. His comments are very hurtful. I look forward to the day I meet him in person,” he wrote.

The MAFS reunion is set to air on Nine.