A Spicy Rumour Is Circling That Davina From ‘MAFS’ Will Score A Spin-Off Show

Nothing – NOTHING – has been as riveting this year as Married At First Sight. The Barnaby Joyce cheating scandal? Pfft. Chump change compared to the Dean/Davina whirlwind.

It will come as literally no surprise to anyone who’s watched even 0.2 seconds of the hit reality show to learn that there’s rumours flying of series villain Davina Rankin copping her very own spin-off show. She’s undoubtedly been the breakout star c/o her snaky behaviour and spicy hookup with Dean.

According to a source who spoke to Daily Mail, Channel Nine have been calling folks up to grill them about their fave MAFS contestants.

“The person asked me what I thought about Married At First Sight and who I liked or disliked the most from the current season,” the source told the publication. “Then they asked which contestants or couples should have their own television show.”

The source reckoned that Davina’s name was specifically brought up. They personally liked Sarah Roza.

“I really like Sarah (Roza). I think she’s real and came on the show for all the right reasons. I don’t think she’s fame-hungry. She really wanted the experiment to work.”

But after explaining that, the source claims they were asked “Well, what do you think of Davina?”

It all sounds pretty legit, although even if this calling-the-public stuff is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean a spin-off show’s going ahead.

Although we’re almost positive Davina’d be down for that shit. Right?