A Pregnancy Test Was Apparently Found In A ‘MAFS’ Loo, Bc What Is This Show

Hello it’s your unofficial Married At First Sight correspondent Melissa here. You might know me from previous masterpieces on the subject like this lowdown on Dean / Davina and this deep dive into whether Troy is a fucking phoney little shit.

Today – aside from Davina semi admitting she was a total jerk on the show during her time, the hot news is that a fucking PREGNANCY TEST has reportedly been found in a bathroom on set. Aaaaaah I can’t with this show, it’s too fucking good.

The news comes from NW Magazine, who have a source saying that someone found the test on set and immediately reported it to producers.

“There’s a duty of care there, so they had to investigate – they take this stuff seriously,” the source told the publication. “As it was, there was enough drama on set with the late-night parties at each other’s apartments, so a pregnancy scare would be chaotic.”

Recently, Tracey had fans speculating she was with beb after she posted this photo. Literally the only “evidence” was that she had her hand in front of her stomach. You spicy MAFS fans, you.

But there’s also Sarah Roza, who admitted on the show that she wanted to start a fam with her husband Telv.

And let’s not forget Davina mentioning she wanted a beb at one point. Basically, if this rumour’s legit it could LITERALLY be anyones, and that’s how we bloody like it.