Davina From ‘MAFS’ Has Finally Kinda / Sorta Admitted She’s Been A Right Shit

She’s easily the most hated woman on Aussie television right now (step ASIDE, Kris Jenner this is not your time) but it’s easy to forget that Davina – yes, Davina of the Dean/Davina trainwreck from this season’s Married At First Sight – is also just a human being who, y’know, fucks up here and there.

Although she refused to admit fault on last night’s episode regarding the absolute shitstorm she’s created with her co-conspirator in all things cheating (hi, Dean), who ended up unceremoniously dumping her to stick with Tracey last night, she’s opened up pretty candidly today to TheFIX about her dating past and her responsibility (sorta) in this whole schmozzle.

“I’m horrible at relationships. I’ve been horrible at this whole thing,” she told the website.

She explained that she’d been single for 4 years prior to the show, after being in a “toxic” relationship for a year.

That was the first time that’s happened to me. It woke me up and made me realise that I don’t have to put up with s**t, and I do have the right to be picky, and I do have to realise my self-worth.

Before you decide she’s full of shit, she explained the relationship was pretty fucked.

He was verbally and emotionally abusive … I was in a dark place too, trying to figure out why I loved this person so much, but they were horrible to me. But they were telling me they loved me so much.

She went on to say that the situation’s made her the person she is today, and that we maaaay be misjudging her on the show.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me because it turned me into a very strong person. So that’s why I seem like a very headstrong kind of person because it has taken me four years to realise I have the choice to be picky and I can be picky because I am worth a lot more.

Look, she was a right shit on this season and her behaviour – mainly the borderline-sociopathic way she would pretend to be Tracey’s mate while hooking up w/ her husband behind her back – was inexcusable.

But it’s sounding more and more like Davina’s a bit more than just the TV bitch, no?