Just 15 Tweets For Anyone Obsessed With Selling Sunset & How Unspeakably Evil Davina Is

Okay. Selling Sunset, Netflix’s reality show about luxury real estate agents in LA, has wrapped up its third season, and we need to talk about Davina Porta.

Davina is The Oppenheim Group’s most controversial agent. We spent all season watching her struggle to sell a wildly overpriced mansion for $75 million (that’s ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FOUR MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS), and then saw her act like a snake when Chrishell Stause was hit with an unexpected divorce.

Almost every other agent rallied around Chrishell. Her husband, This Is Us star Justin Hartley, reportedly texted Chrishell to say their two-year marriage was over. “I found out because he texted me that we were filed,” Chrishell told her fellow agent Mary on the show. “Forty-five minutes later, the world knew.”


Davina did not support Chrishell. Instead, she backed Justin, saying he “has to have a side of the story” and that surely Chrishell was not as “blindsided” by the divorce as she claimed.

“I would love to support Chrishell,” Davina said, in a Selling Sunset cutaway.

“But I have met Justin before. Justin was nothing but a gentleman to me. He was kind and polite.”

She added that Chrishell must have “known things were probably not going well”.


In a show where the ~DRAMA~ is just as important as the multi-million dollar Hollywood mansions, it’s quite an achievement for Davina to secure her spot as Selling Sunset‘s #1 villain.





If it makes you feel any better – and it probably will – Davina’s $75 million listing still hasn’t sold. It’s still listed on the Oppenheim Group website for, yes, $74 million dollars. The nine bedroom, 12 bathroom, 18,000 square foot monstrosity (yeah, I said it) doesn’t even have a view. WHO, I ask you, would pay that much?

Probably only Adnan, the Bond villain-esque owner who insists on not selling it for a cent less.