Channel 9 Forced To Deny It Explicitly Paid Dean & Davina To Cheat On ‘MAFS’

It’s not too often that a television network needs to insist that it isn’t paying two of its reality TV stars to engage in a duplicitous relationship for ratings, but Channel 9 has now been forced to deny allegations it paid Married At First Sight units Dean Wells and Davina Rankin cheated on their on-show spouses.

Facing questions from the Herald Sun over their brief partnership – which saw Wells go behind the back of original partner Tracey Jewel, and Davina sneak around on Ryan Gallagher – a Channel 9 representative said the accusation was “ridiculous” and “you couldn’t make this up.”

Gallagher also disputed assertions Rankin did the dirty for financial gain, pointing to the fact people run around on each other all of the time in real life without being prodded along by the promise of cash.

The cheating ‘storyline’, as it were, has proven to be massively successful in terms of ratings for the show – which, of course, bills itself as an experiment where experts pair lovelorn contestants with their hypothetically ideal partners.

This season, the show has clobbered several of its competitors on the same timeslot. Viewers appear to be latched onto the show in a mix of morbid curiosity and righteous indignation, a potent mix as far as reality TV is concerned.

Meanwhile, Rankin has nuked all references to the show from her Instagram. Curious.

The next episode will roll around Sunday at 7pm.