‘MAFS’ DRAMA: Ashley’s Sister Posts Savage IG Post Claiming Troy Is A Big Fake

Hoooooo boy, Married At First Sight is the gift that keeps on bloody giving when it comes to spicy drama you absolutely don’t need in your life but you’ll always cherish with your soul when it comes along.

Today’s pure gold comes from Ashley Irvin‘s sister, Summer. She took to Instagram to go absolutely IN on Ashley’s on-screen husband, Troy Delmege. And when I say in, I mean fuuuuuuck me she is spilling the teaaaa bitch!


You’re not going to read that whole caption bc it’s Friday morning and CBF-life, right? I’ll pull out some choice morsels for ya.

Ashley insinuates that Troy was cast for the show, not there for pure reasons (lol, pure reasons).

You applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams, little did you know you got matched with someone who didn’t even apply (when over 7000 did) and every time you actually wanted to have a genuine conversation that wasn’t for the camera you got a cold shoulder.


Aaaaah I love this narrative where Ashley is trying to chat to Troy on camera and he’s all “oh sweetie, you angel pie. I’m so falling for you,” and then next minute the cameras are off and he’s like “lol bye”. LIVING FOR IT.

She also implies Troy’s odd goofball behaviour is all a ruse, and that Ashley’s disinterested behaviour is actually bc she’s well aware he’s a phony.

As much as Troy is a goofball he is also does a fantastic job playing up for the cameras who is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV. I’m sorry you got dragged along for the ride and I’m sorry Australia is believing his feelings for you are genuine when the only genuine thing about the show is you rolling your eyes to his antics because only you are aware at how fake he is.


I tell you what, I for one am going to be extremely sad when this show finishes up. But then again, along comes Bachelor In Paradise and Love Island Australia, amirite?