Another day, another 304572075 Married At First Sight gossip yarns.

Are we sad about it? No. Is my brain starting to atrophy due to the absolute shit I am constantly spewing forth for you people in the form of MAFS stories? Potentially.

Today’s spicy spicy news comes in the form of a fan – one Pennie Looker, who posted a pic from a recent Virgin Australia flight in which none other than Ashley Irvin was her flight attendant.

“Just got on a flight with Ash!” the fan wrote. “So pretty in real life! She was on a domestic Virgin flight. She was really friendly and happy to do photos and answer so many questions by so many people.”

Apparently some of those questions involved the controversy as to whether Troy Delmege, Ash’s husband on the show, was a legit contestant or not.

“She said Troy didn’t apply for the show but was selected via an agency,” the fan alleged.

Ashley also apparently confirmed the couple’s longevity on the show was for ratings only.

“Ashley said they weren’t going to get rid of a main “character” early, so she had to play the game.”

This comes after previous speculation started by Ash’s sister on Instagram, which hinted at similar accusations regarding Troy’s legitimacy.

Not to mention the fact Troy’s been spotted hooking up with fellow MAFS contestant but NOT-WIFE Carly.

Hoo boy, this guy is gunning for gossip top dog (Davina’s got it on lock for now, mate).

It’s unlikely we’ll ever get confirmation as to whether Troy was poached by producers or an applicant for the show, but do we care? I bloody don’t – not with this GIF gold coming from the guy.

Ah, Troy. You may beat Davina yet.

Source: Daily Mail
Image: Channel 9