Troy From ‘MAFS’ Is A Card-Carrying 35 Y.O. Virgin, According To His Sister

Gather round children ‘cos the Married At First Sight saucy goss continues with Troy’s sister, Tanya Delmege revealing Troy is apparently waiting ’til (legit) holy matrimony to do the ‘beast with two backs’. Well, ain’t that refreshing.

Troy is the one who tried to butter a pan with cheese, can’t cook scrambled eggs, and confessed his total love to Ashley in last night’s commitment ceremony, in case your memory’s a little foggy after the shit-storm that was Ryan and Davina. #rip

Tanya, who talked to NWshared the news after Ash’s v. protective sister went on a pretty full-on Insta rant accusing Troy of being a paid actor and just super, super fake.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is below because Summer absolutely dragssss Troy and it’s quite entertaining.

Anyway, then Tanya dipped her finger into the sister-wars and accused Ashley of being the one who wanted all the fame and it got a lil’ ugly. But why would anybody go on a reality TV show just to get famous??? That is so unheard of!!!

Bottom line – according to Tanya and when it comes down to just personalities, Ashley is Troy’s complete opposite and that’s why things have not gone to plan post-filming. AKA, Troy and Carly getting cosy in Melbs

So, what did Tanya actually say about Troy’s apparent sex life?

“Troy’s very churchy actually and as far as I know he’s on the V Plates.” Well, alright then.

And does Tanya think Carly is da one for her beloved brother? Lol, no.

“The view of my family is that they need to overcome their social differences, which are very significant.” 

Bummer, but boy do I love it when the fams get involved on all the drama.

Here’s to tonight’s episode of MAFS. Home visits is bound to be another shit-storm.