‘MAFS’ Has Spilled Its Audition Tapes And Yep, What You See Is What You Get

A slab of Married At First Sight audition reels have just been unloaded on the public, demonstrating that the current season’s cast are… Well, they’re all acting pretty much the way they said they would.

Clips featuring Dean Wells, Troy Delmage, Davina Rankin, Nasser Sultan, Ryan Gallagher, Sarah Rosa, and Ryan Galbraith were showcased on The Today Show this morning, giving fans of the impossibly popular reality TV show a glimpse at each contestant before the matchmaking ‘experiment’.

In his audition tape, Wells can be seen expounding on his preferences for a male-dominant relationship dynamic – the same viewpoint that sparked debate before the show even went to air.

“I like a girl that is girly and knows that I’m the man and that I’m in charge,” Wells admitted.

Meanwhile, Sultan unloaded on his specific proclivities: women who like the beach, wear bikinis, and maintain a pedicure.

“Oh, painted toenails, did I mention that?” Sultan said. “She must have painted toenails.”

Delmage’s tape – which was actually uploaded by Channel 9 months ago – is also worth a revisit, if only for the casual Tinder notification he receives in the middle of his interview.

In all honesty, the details seem to be in keeping with the personas presented on the show. Maybe, just maybe, the producers of this one have actually been able to sit back and let all of those personalities collide without excess interference.

If you’re keen to get even deeper into their psyches, cop the details HERE.