We’re Not Shitting You: ‘MAFS’ Couple Dean & Tracey Want A Baby

Their relationship on Married At First Sight has been the equivalent to a stale ham sandwich AKA kinda crap. And yet it seems the couples who are least likely to work out on reality TV are the ones planning their future because Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells have announced their desire to MAKE BABIES.

Once again, Dean’s the manly man that shared a coupla flirty moments with fellow MAFS contestant Davina (who left the show last week) and wouldn’t admit he did anything wrong. ‘Cos texting isn’t cheating, blah, blah, blah. And right where we are in episodes, Tracey’s still absolutely pissed about it and so are her mates and Tracey keeps pulling the, “I don’t know if I can forgive you” thing every episode.

If you don’t believe me, just look below:

“I really want to move forward in our relationship but I’m struggling…#cheatingischeating #emotionalcheating #struggletown #onwardsandupwards #mafs #marriedatfirstsight #realmarriage @deanwells 

Just reading those hashtags is a summary of an episode.

But alas, it seems things post-shooting have been fab for the dramatic couple who are now all loved up and doing a Kylo Ren AKA letting the past die.

Dean even told OK! that they’re not only sickeningly in love but they’re ready to take their relationship ‘to the next level’. Dean apparently got all clucky after meeting Tracey’s eight-year-old daughter which he says went “really well”.

Here’s what Tracey had to say about the whole thing:

“He was great with her. When he met Grace, she was wearing a skateboarding T-shirt and they bonded over that. They had a great connection because they’re both big kids!”

They sure are, Tracey, they sure are.

According to Tracey, Dean is “definitely dad material” with “a lot of strengths that make for a good parent”. 

But wait, there’s more because Tracey is also considering a move interstate for her groom ‘cos you know, people move for love. And apparently Tracey has always been considering a move to Sydney so it’s just meant to be.

Look, a lot of us might not be a big fan of the bloke but it seems he might’ve actually changed a…little…kind of.

Exhibit A:

“I’ve let her down and I’m grateful she managed to see past that. We’re in a good place for our future together now.”

Yes, Dean did just admit his wrongdoing without things descending into a full-blown argument or a shitty rap. #Shoookeetthhhh

Whatever’s going on, at least one couple’s happy.