Some hot new goss about the next season of The Bachelor AND Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2023 has been revealed and boy is it incredibly dramatic.

Per The Daily Mail, one of next year’s Bachelor contestants stops one of the weddings on MAFS to drop a huge bombshell on the bride-to-be. I guess the ratings are so bad over at Ten that even the contestants on massive shows are jumping the fence to get their five minutes of real fame.

According to the publication, Bachie‘s Jessica Tomlinson (who we are all yet to meet) pulls up to the wedding of Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon and immediately pulls Schofield aside to tell her some hot goss.

Tomlinson reportedly informs Schofield that her future husband cannot be trusted, and has been sleeping around with another unnamed Bachelor contestant.

Neither show has even started and already the drama is at extreme levels. I truly am not ready for how MESSY next year’s MAFS is going to be.

“Jessica couldn’t believe it when she realised it was the guy her co-star was hooking up with and felt it was right to confront Bronte about it on her wedding day,” an unnamed source told The Daily Mail.

“Jessica was desperate to get her five minutes of fame and decided to tell Bronte on camera by pulling her aside and essentially sabotaging the wedding.”

My question is — if Boon WAS sleeping around with a Bachelor contestant before his MAFS wedding, how is that a bad thing? I mean, it’s not like he’s married yet. He didn’t even know who Schofield was yet.

I’m keen to see how this all plays out because I have one million Q’s and not enough A’s.

Per another sneaky insider, Channel Ten slammed Tomlinson for appearing on a rival show.

“Jessica was devastated. She had no idea she was going on the show, it was all a surprise. They came at her hard,” they said.

It would actually make sense if she waltzed into this wedding without knowing any of the context. If someone’s husband-to-be was sleeping around, one would assume it was while the pair were together, AKA cheating.

You wouldn’t think that the bride hadn’t even met the man waiting down the aisle until that day. But hey, welcome to the world of MAFS.