Sorry, But Your Mayonnaise Trio Of Bachelors Will Not Be Gracing TV Screens Until 2023

the bachelor 2023

If you’re a reality TV whore like myself, you’ve probably been wondering when the latest season of The Bachelor is going to air. Reports are now saying the program is going to be delayed until next year as Channel Ten makes room for another dating show instead. Yikes.

Yep, even though it was thought that The Bachelor‘s new format of three suitors would be airing around October 2022, the increasingly unpopular franchise is now expected in 2023.

Twenty-twenty-three. Let that sink in.

“[Channel] Ten have made the call to delay the show until early 2023 so they can focus on promoting The Real Love Boat,” a source told The Daily Mail. “I don’t see them airing reality dating shows back-to-back and there’s only ten ratings weeks left… they would rather hold it and give it the publicity it needs.”

The Real Love Boat Australia premieres on Channel Ten on October 5, which truly sounds like five shows crammed into one. Then you’ve got The Challenge Australia which Channel Ten has also been promoting without a set-in-stone release date. Not to mention other shows like MAFS are slated to return in early 2023. No one wants to compete with that beast of a show and it also goes for-fucking-ever.

The math don’t be mathing.

Apparently The Bachelor suitors — including Thomas Malucelli, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Hofe — and the women who took part in the season are now able to access their social media. However, they need to keep their accounts private and can’t accept any new followers. This is in addition to not being able to post any spoilers, instructions to not tag or mention the show and to be mindful of who they are in photos with.

The contestants who vied for our mayonnaise trio are understandably off it.

“The show was filmed four months ago and the cast weren’t able to return to social media until three months after the final air date,” the source told The Daily Mail. “Some of them were hoping to be bona fide influencers by now.”


“They’re furious and just want to move on and refuse to keep their lives on hold,” another source told Yahoo Lifestyle. To be fair, social media or not, it would be really fucking hard to not tell everyone what you’ve been up to.

Channel Ten is expected to make an announcement around the franchise during an industry event next month.

Will they also backpay the show’s participants for missed brand deals? Doubtful.