MAFS’ Bronte Has Accused Her ‘Friend’ Jess From Bachie Of Using Her To Get Extra Camera-Time

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Married At First Sight (MAFS) contestant Bronte Schofield has had a go at her former bestie Jessica Tomlinson from The Bachelors, accusing Jess of using her to get a bit of extra camera time. The tea never stops flowing from this season, does it?

During an interview with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, Bronte discussed those wild leaked voice memos which Jess revealed from their private convos.

In case you missed it, So Dramatic! obtained voice memos of Bronte more than implying that she knew about hubby Harrison Boon‘s relationship with Abby Miller before her “discovery” of the scandal aired on television, and even planned to use this information to her advantage once the cameras were rolling.

“I need to bring this up because Bronte, you knew from day one on that wedding, that he wasn’t Mr Right,” said Fitzy.

“We need to question you on this voice message. So the girl that was at the wedding, I think you two have had a falling out.

“Then we found out a voice message, this was you finding out about Harrison’s past and how you are going to handle Married at First Sight.”

It’s basically a roundabout way of saying: “Hey, we have the tea. Please comment on it babes.”

“Well, that’s kind of… It’s a fact that that’s me, I’m not gonna deny that and I’ve actually spoken on this quite a few times,” Bronte said.

“When I found out that there was a guy of Harrison’s nature going into MAFS, of course my first reaction — I wasn’t going to be stoked about it.

“But when you see all of my reactions on MAFS up until this point, they’re so genuine they’re so authentically myself. When I listen to that back I hear a very scared girl.”

Bronte then reconfirms tea that we already knew: that Jess was the one who leaked the voice memos to the world as they were sent to her in the first place.

Don’t forget Bronte sent text messages to Jess after the voice memo leak saying “keep my name out of your mouth”… which were also then leaked by Jess. I have no idea why she’s obsessed with spreading all of her private messages to everyone. Just makes her look untrustworthy.

“Jess knew the dates of the wedding. She knew for weeks,” Bronte continued.

“And the fact is that I was on FaceTime with her the night before the wedding and she had every chance to tell me, so I’ve never called Jessica a liar…”

Oof. Bronte’s basically implying that while she knew someone on MAFS had an ongoing relationship with Abby Miller, she didn’t know that she’d be the one to get married to him. Jess, however, apparently did, and said nothing.

“So she did it in front of the cameras to get herself on the camera?” asked Fitzy.

“Yes, 100%. I’ve never denied it was me on the voice note, it was me,” said Bronte.

“I had never met Harrison before.

“I knew of him. But even that’s a stretch. Y’know? Like, obviously, there are definitely things going around that we matched on Hinge and everything like that. But who the hell remembers all of their Hinge matches? Like that’s ridiculous.”

Goodness. I may need to sit down after all of this tea.

Heaven forbid Bronte texts Jess again or we may be getting push notifications from So Dramatic! in a week.

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