MAFS’ Harrison And Bronte Have Gone On The Radio To Do Damage Control & It’s Not Going Well

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Married At First Sight (MAFS) contestants Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield appeared on the radio this morning to do a bit of damage control after messages and voice memos set out to dismantle their every on-screen interaction were leaked.

Strap yourselves in friends because this one’s a doozy.

In voice memos obtained by So Dramatic!, Bronte Schofield can be heard talking to The BachelorsJessica Tomlinson about another Bachie girl Abby Miller, who Harrison had a brief sexual relationship with “right up until the morning of his MAFS wedding”.

The messages definitely imply Bronte knew about this relationship before her “discovery” of the scandal aired on television, and even planned to use it to her advantage once the cameras were rolling.

“Oh my God… like, what am I supposed to do? Like, if one of the other girls gets him, oh my God, I’m dead,” she can be heard saying.

“21? 21? That’s fucking nine years younger than me. Eight years. I can’t do math. What the fuck?

“Well, you know what? If he is my match, I’m going to fucking play that to my advantage. Like, holy shit. Oh my God.”

You can hear the voice messages here.

“If he is my match, I’m gonna tell [my sister] Kirra to be an absolute fucker to him,” she continued.

“[I’ll] just [be] like, ‘By the way, I actually know why you’re here. If you’re wanting to just, I guess, play this on, that’s fine, but, we can just be friends, but for the cameras, we can obviously put on a show’.

“If I do get this guy, I’m not going to be able to like him because I know what he’s like.”

Well damn. Now I’m second-guessing every interaction the two have had on the show. Are they both just faking shit for the views? What is the truth?

After the voice memos spread like wildfire, it was damage control time. In texts leaked to So Dramatic!, Bronte can be seen slamming Jessica for releasing private messages between them. Bronte my dear, it’s time to get better friends that don’t blab all your secrets.

“I’d appreciate you to call me back,” she wrote.

“Sending in voice notes… of a conversation, you and I had before I even knew who Harrison was is so pathetic and absolutely disgusting Jess.

“Why are you so obsessed with this, let it go.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to prove but this is a whole new level of low. Keep my name out of your mouth.”

As always, MAFS has just as much drama off the screen as it does on it.

To make matters spicier, Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa played the leaked voice memos to Harrison on-air.

“It was really difficult to hear that, like I’m really really disappointed about that,” he said.

“This is the first time I’ve heard this recording that you’ve just played. I obviously listened to it when the story dropped from the Daily Mail.”

Wait so it’s not the first time? Even though he just said it was a moment before? This couple deserves each other, nothing either of them says is believable.

“But hearing it again, it’s pretty disappointing,” Harrison continued.

“That means that everything we saw at the wedding and last night was essentially fake, it was acting.”

Bronte, on the other hand, appeared on Kyle & Jackie O to discuss the leaked messages, where she confirmed that it was in fact her voice, but she didn’t know what Harrison looked like.

“I wasn’t involved in this group chat, I was just getting little snippets of the group chat,” she said.

“I never actually got told Harrison’s name before the wedding.”

Jackie O then called her out saying one of the leaked screenshots from the group chat is of Bronte responding to someone sending her a pic of Harrison.

According to Bronte, Harrison looked very different to his pictures.

Lord have mercy, this is too much to handle.

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