Apparently MAFS’ Bronte Is Also Dating A Bachie Star & The Familiar Face ‘Comes Up On The Show’

Ah, MAFS. The most unhinged time of the year.

The most recent ~ scandal ~ to rock the totally authentic show about finding love is a surprising crossover between the MAFS and The Bachelor universes. It’s essentially the Avengers: Endgame of the reality TV world and honestly, I am foaming at the mouth.

The most recent instalment features bride Bronte Schofield who was BUSTED texting her Bachie ex Todd King while she and her new boo Harrison Boon were on their honeymoon. Their HONEYMOON!

Remember this bloke from Ali Otjen’s Bachie season? Yeah, I don’t either. Credit: Network 10

The So Dramatic! podcast revealed that Bronte and Todd, the runner-up on Ali Oetjen‘s season of The Bachelorette, “dated on and off for years”.

“They have gotten back together and tried to make things work many times since,” a mysterious source told the podcast.

After their most recent split in February 2022, Bronte got the call to be on MAFS. Apparently, she initially said “Nah, I’m good”, but eventually changed her mind (because who can say no to that sweet, sweet influencer life).

Sources told So Dramatic! that Bronte and Todd’s relo was nothing romantic and that she was quite upfront with her Harrison about their friendship.

“Bronte told Harrison from day one. She was like ‘my ex and I still talk, we’re still friends, so if you see him come up on my phone, or if anything happens, I want you to know that there’s nothing going on. I don’t have anything to hide,” the source said.

While Harrison was initially a totally laid-back chill gal about the whole thing, he began to get really insecure about the whole thing. “He used it as ammo against her and wasn’t cool with it at all.”

And honestly, that’s a little pot calling the kettle black given that he was exposed in the first ep for flirting with ex-Bachie star, Abby Miller (not to be confused with THE Abbie Lee Miller of iconic hit, Dance Moms).

While Harrison later jumped onto Fitzy & Wippa to deny the whole “I’LL WAIT FOR YOUUUU” bit, the So Dramatic! podcast alleges that they boinked on the MORNING OF his wedding. Root-rat behaviour, honestly.

Meanwhile, a diff source said that Bronte was “talking to Todd the whole time.”

“She was on her honeymoon and she was talking and texting him non-stop.”

The tea. It’s SCALDING.

But babes, there’s more.

Besties and eternal sleuth diggers So Dramatic! also unearthed some fresh comments from old mate Todd on an old photo of Bronte’s which pictured her and Jessica TomlinsonThe Bachelors star who “sabotaged” her wedding.

Bronte and Todd joking about Jessica Tomlinson on an old Instagram post. Source: So Dramatic!

“Throwback to happier times,” he said.

“1-minute silence for all the fallen snakes,” Bronte replied, referencing Jessica who allegedly conspired with MAFS producers to spill the tea on Harrison’s horndog ways.

The So Dramatic! insider reveals that Todd will also be coming up a lot on the show — here’s praying for an old school Gladiator-style showdown, pls.

Honestly, there’s A LOT going on here and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. You get a Bachie boo! You get a Bachie boo! Everyone gets a Bachie boo!