Here We Bloody Go: The First MAFS 2023 Cheating Scandal Is Coming & Here’s What Goes Down

mafs cheating scandal

According to some spicy tea leaked by anonymous sources, a cheating scandal is coming to Married At First Sight (MAFS) real soon. Adjust your television volumes to low, ensure all glassware is swapped to plastic and prepare for the most insane takes you’ve ever seen in your life to be dished out by The Daily Mail.

Per the gossip harvesters over at So Dramatic!, Claire Nomarhas (whose partner is MAFS scumbag Jesse Burford) and Adam Seed (who is wed to beauty influencer Janelle Han) share a sneaky little kiss behind their partner’s backs.

“A bunch of contestants went out drinking together at a pub and Claire and Adam went off to have a vape together and that’s when it happened,” an anon “insider” told So Dramatic!

Apparently this secret rendezvous leads to Jesse suspecting something from the pair, only to be gaslit into thinking otherwise.

“Jesse is made to look like he’s crazy until it all comes out eventually.”

This tea was backed up by a second anon source, who So Dramatic! claimed was a contestant on this year’s MAFS.

“Jesse was in his room alone and Claire eventually came home and she was on the phone. She had it on loudspeaker because she thought Jesse would still be out at the pub,” the source said.

After hearing the convo, Jesse “confronts” Claire and she “freaks out” because she didn’t think he’d be around to hear her cheating on him, despite being on loudspeaker.

“Jesse and Claire have a huge screaming match, then Jesse storms up to Adam’s room, bursts in, and starts abusing him.”

He apparently also tells Janelle that she’s “married to a snake”.

“Jesse and Claire had a meeting about it during which Claire told Jesse his behaviour was unacceptable and gaslit him,” the source continued.

“Adam laughed it off, denied it, and made Jesse look crazy.

“Eventually, it comes out that they did kiss after they lied. They gaslighted the crap out of him and everyone turned on Jesse because of it… which made the whole thing so much worse.”

Oof. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out on our screens. Jesse isn’t exactly a fan favourite, but the whole cast turning on him unjustly doesn’t sound fun.