The Internet Would Rather Have A Date With A Toaster In The Bath Than Listen To Harrison On MAFS

Harrison on MAFS wearing white shirt with his mouth partially open and expert John with his head in his hands. Tweet overlaid which reads: "Harrison’s toxicity is so potent I feel like we should be harnessing it to power hospitals or run the train network for major cities or something."

It should come as no surprise that Harrison acted like a fucking fool at tonight’s Married At First Sight dinner party and the internet was ready to [REDACTED]. What may be a wee bit more shocking, however, was the fact Melinda emerged as a certified MAFS hero.

I say the latter because the girl wasn’t exactly a peach at her wedding last night. Maybe she copped a bad edit? Whomst knows! But she was on fire tonight and it was truly divine.

Before we get into that, however, let’s take a look back at the shitshow that was Harrison flapping his lip.

Mans basically recounted his and Bronte‘s wedding night to the table after Alyssa asked the girl to speak her truths about their shitty relationship. Twitter was not impressed.

Harrison said nice things when, obviously, their wedding night was horrific because one of Bronte’s mates revealed he’d been talking to a lass IRL mere days before the big event.

It didn’t take long for the internet to detect the bloke’s MF messy lies.

It also didn’t take long for newfound queen Melinda to smell Harrison’s bullshit and people were bloody frothing it. It was giving ruthless, it was giving Judge Judy and it was well and truly the moment.

I’m smelling a redemption arc on MAFS after the girl essentially got mad at Layton for getting along well with her family last night.

The glorious grilling was rudely interrupted, however, when Harrison decided to make himself the victim by asking Bronte to prove herself to him ‘cos she doesn’t seem to be giving him anything.

Yes, you heard that right! Harrison, who has the emotional intelligence of the gunk which accumulates in the backs of my earrings on a hot day, really manipulated the entire narrative to invalidate Bronte’s feelings and put her down.

It was fucking foul and Twitter was mad pissed.

To quote Jesse (who also desperately needs to shut the fuck up) the internet and I would “rather have a date with a toaster in the bath” than listen to Harrison’s manipulative fuckery anymore.

On that note, if you’d like the full rundown on tonight’s MAFS dinner party, you can read our gorgeous recap here.