Cursed Footage Shows MAFS’ Harrison Performing Tricks With His Peen For A Bonkers Radio Segment

Harrison Boon has already cemented himself as one of the most chaotic stars of MAFS 2023, given that he was dating a star of The Bachelors just before getting hitched on the show. But it turns out his chaotic history does not stop there.

Resurfaced footage has showed the bloke appear on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in a segment called “Naked Dating” which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

In 2017, the bloke appeared in KIISFM’s studio, along with other singles, where he got his kit off to impress the ladies.

In the footage, Harrison told the hosts that he was on the hunt for a girl who has the “X factor” and shared that he “wouldn’t say no to big boobs or fake boobs.”

He also bragged about his lap dancing abilities and the fact that his peen is about the size of “a DVD remote.”

He even tried to impress the gals by doing a trick with his peen called “the bouquet.” I have no idea what that involves and I don’t care to find out.

In fact, I’m not even going to watch the footage but it’s HERE if ya want it.

ICYMI: Harrison Boon married Bronte Schofield in the premiere episode of MAFS 2023.

During the first episode, we got that The Bachelors / MAFS crossover that’s been teased for ages as Jessica Tomlinson, who starred in this year’s Bachie, showed up as the bestie of Married At First Sight bride Bronte Schofield.

Jessica makes it clear from the get-go that she’s not a fan of this bloke and her reason soon becomes clear: ‘cos he’s been flirting with other gals prior to the show, including one of her mates.

Said mate turns out to be ex-Bachie star Abby Miller.

After the episode aired, Harrison went on Fitzy & Wippa (no Kyle & Jackie O Show this time?) to attempt to do some damage control.

“Abby was not waiting for me on the outside. She’s got her own life,” he said.

“She knew exactly what I was doing. I was very upfront about it. We actually said our goodbyes and that was a bit of time before I went into the experiment and got married.”

Have a listen to the full interview for more tea.