Channel 10 Gave The New Bachies A ‘Stern Chat’ Bc They’ve Been Naughty Little Boys On IG

the bachelor boys channel ten stern chat

The big dogs over at Channel 10 are apparently not too pleased with their misbehaving Bachie boys, who certainly appear to be addicted to the glitz and glamour of fame rather than the integrity of a signed contract. Won’t somebody think of the fine print and name signed on the sexy, sexy dotted line?

Per Yahoo Lifestyle, the Channel 10 bosses — who I imagine all sit around a giant oval desk in black suits in a dimly lit room — were positively shocked to see their new batch of The Bachelor white breads promoting themselves online outside of the show.

Apparently the Bachie boys were contractually told to keep themselves looking unattainable and ready for love. Instead, Thomas Malucelli is teasing the release of a new spiritual self-help book and Jed McIntosh (BB Gun Kelly) is ready to release new music — which isn’t exactly helping the reputation reality stars have of going on dating shows for clout.

In their defence (which I never thought I’d write in my life), it feels like these boys have been contractually obliged to The Bachelor overlords for centuries. They are but Sisyphian deities and this never-releasing season of The Bachelor filmed seventy years ago is their boulder.

“When the leads have so many projects ready to drop and promote before the show, it ruins the integrity a little and the illusion these people are there looking for love,” an anonymous source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They’ve been told to hold off with their side projects until after the show has aired.”

I mean I guess it makes sense. The three Bachie leads have all been acting pretty single since the show was announced — it kinda makes the whole thing a bit pointless. Channel 10 just bite the bullet and give us this dumpster-fire season already.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the Channel 10 head honchos losing their tenper at the Bachelor boys.

Back in October, one of the leading lads told The Daily Mail Australia an email was sent out to them warning them to stay far away from the cast of MAFS. This apparently occurred after Jed McIntosh (it’s always Jed McIntosh) was spotted looking “flirty” with Olivia Frazer.

Whenever this season comes out I will not be surprised if it either flops massively or brings about the downfall of Aussie reality TV as we know it. Someone needs to tell the bosses at Channel 10 that The Project, a George Calombaris show and three stale crackers holding roses will not save their plummeting ratings.