The Bachelor’s BB Gun Kelly Is Living Up To His Name By Moving To LA To Pursue A Music Career

New Bachelor Jed McIntosh in Channel 10 press shot and wearing a hat and striped shirt

I don’t mean to alarm anyone but Jed McIntosh, one of the new baddies on The Bachelor, is moving to the US of A next year to pursue a music career.

Considering the bloke looks like a bootleg Machine Gun Kelly, I’m taking this as a sign that the prophecy has been fulfilled.

According to The Herald Sun, the Melbourne-based musician has signed a spicy deal with indie music label ACTS Music Group. He’ll be moving to Los Angeles in April to launch the label’s Rock/Alternative division and will also be the head of global A&R, which means he’ll be responsible for scouting talent.

“With the rise in music from genres in the punk, punk pop, rock and alt scene, ACTS have focused heavily on uplifting artists that are not typically mainstream,” McIntosh told The Herald. 

“I am excited to help grow the confidence of up-and-coming artists that don’t fit into the mainstream music scene.

“Most don’t feel like they have a place, so with this new joint venture, artists like myself who are left of centre can find a family and a home to create beautiful expressive art with no boundaries; just full support.”

Awwwww, cute! I can’t wait for Jed to spawn a strong army of peroxide blonde pop-punk fans who look like they moonlight as piercers at Off Ya Tree.

Speaking of music, Jed McIntosh also has a sexy new single dropping soon called “Drown“. Sadly, I have no idea what it will sound like but based on the other bangers floating on the drummer’s Spotify profile, I feel like it’ll be giving “feral love child of Brockhampton and Yung Gravy“.

Look, good on the bloke for furthering his horizons and doing something he loves. However, one can’t ignore the fact he’s literally appearing on a reality TV show alongside Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli, and a core tenet of said show is that all three bachelors find love.

Did Jed meet a gal on The Bachelor who looks like Megan Fox and will be relocating to LA with him? Or was his time on the show a flop — The Flopchelor, if you will? Based on reports he was looking “very single” and “approaching girls” in Sydney last month, it’s anyone’s guess.

We also won’t know for a hot minute ‘cos there’s speculation the latest season of The Bachelor won’t be going to air until 2023. At least we’ll have the fourth season of Love Island Australia to tie us over until then.