Apparently Multiple Bachie Stars Got In Deep Shit For Hanging Out With ‘Embarrassing’ MAFS Cast

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Wasn’t it lovely seeing all the participants from MAFS and one of the stars of The Bachelor 2023 hanging out in harmony over the weekend at the Married At First Fight boxing match?

Welp, it was lovely for us maybe, but it sure wasn’t for the Bachie producers who seem to be livid about the meeting and beating of the minds.

One of the upcoming Bachie stars told Daily Mail Australia that Ten swiftly fired off an email warning them not to cavort with “embarrassing” MAFS stars or they’ll be penalised.

“An email went out to the cast, including the leading men, [telling us] to stay away from the stars of MAFS,” the insider told the site.

“It said they were embarrassing, and if we wanted our blue ticks and $5,000 bonus, we had to stay away from any events or other reality stars.”

Following the bonkers 2020 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, an insider told So Dramatic! that that Ten enforced strict social media rules whereby they’d take over each contestants’ Insta for the duration of the show.

As an incentive, Ten apparently promised that each contestant would receive a blue tick at the end of the season along with a $5,000 bonus.

But if any of their strict rules were broken, the offending contestant would forgo the extra cash along with the sacred blue tick (which happened to several salty contestants).

From what I understand, being asked to stay away from other reality stars and avoid attending events is a new addendum to the list of rules.

And who’s to blame for this?

While I’m not sure if any of the new contestants of The Bachelors were present, I can tell you that one of the three leading lads Jed McIntosh certainly was.

I’m assuming that the reason why Ten got pissed about the whole thing is because Jed was spotted hanging out with old mate Olivia Frazer from MAFS.

Although they were literally just hanging out, the interaction was enough to spark dating rumours as Daily Mail noted that they “looked flirty”.

And dating rumours kind of spoil the mystique about McIntosh finding love on The Bachelors, don’t they?

He also attended the after party where he was spotted with MAFS grooms Cody Bromley and Anthony Cincotta.

And McIntosh isn’t the only Bachie babe who has been kicking it with stars from rival show MAFS.

One of the new contestants on The Bachelors not only spent time with 2023 MAFS stars, but she was even spotted on the set of the new season.

Daily Mail snapped pics of Perth-based Bachie star Jessica Tomlinson attending her close friend Bronte Schofield‘s MAFS wedding.

Apparently that aforementioned contract specifically states that Bachie stars cannot appear on any other TV show unless approved by the network.

After learning of this, an insider claimed producers called Tomlinson in a panic and told her she may be at risk of losing her $5,000 bonus for breaching her contract.

“Jessica was devastated,” the insider said.

“She had no idea she was going on the show, it was all a surprise. They came at her hard.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this makes me all the more excited for the new season of MAFS and The Bachelors, both of which drop next year!