MAFS’ Kate Reckons Tamara Cut Sick At Her At *That* Boxing Match Because Of Some Old Beef

Selfie of Married At First Sight contestant Kate Laidlaw and fellow MAFS star Tamara Djordjevic posing in a black cutout dress
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A bunch of former Married At First Sight contestants had a lil’ reunion at Brent LeonJackson LonieSam Carraro and Daniel Holmes‘ boxing showdown.

The truly cursed reunion saw stars from the 2022 MAFS season like Tamara DjordjevicCarolina SantosOlivia FrazerJessica SeracinoJack MillarAl PerkinsAnthony Cincotta, Kate Laidlaw and Cody Bromley in attendance.

The fight between the grooms wasn’t the only biff that went down. A video shared by The Wash seemingly showed Tamara getting aggy when Kate arrived and was getting papped by the media wall. Next thing we know, the ladies started exchanging f-bombs, then Tamara took a seat and ranted about the exchange.

Kate told So Dramatic! the tiff kicked off ‘cos Tamara was still mad about that time she got slammed for allegedly making “abusive” phone calls to Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding back in April.

“[Tamara is] upset still about the weekend of the phone calls,” Kate told the publication.

“Mad because we outed her and didn’t lie for her and cover up her bad behaviour.”

She also said she had “done nothing wrong” but “[Tamara] keeps saying I have.”


Kate took to Instagram on Sunday to explain why Tamara yelled at her to “fuck off” and “go back to your own fucking table”.

“I have had a lot of questions about this so I thought I would address it,” she said via Insta story.

“I had no interest in talking to Temara [sic] or being at their table!! I was just saying hello to Anthony and his gf.

“As an adult I was choosing to be civil and pleasant at a public event, clearly she couldn’t do the same.”

She continued by saying she had “never been treated so badly” and claimed some of the other cast members were laughing at her behaviour.

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You can watch the whole shebang below:

Ex cast-member Jessica Seracino, who was present at the event, weighed in via the comments.

“Okay I’m going to say something. This reel only shows one side and makes Tamara seem crazy. I am now cool and civil with Kate because after the whole ‘incident’ we ran into each other and talked it out,” she said.

“I didn’t think what Kate and Bec did was cool and I told them that. They agreed we hashed it out. Tamara and Kate never hashed It out. Tamara had every reason to be upset because a lot was brought onto her from what transpired from Kate and Bec going to the media. It fuelled a fire that could have affected her livelihood and fed into very serious and untrue allegations.

“If they apologised then I’m sure Tamara would have been nice and civilised but to hang around her and stand next to her and sit at her table would make anyone irritated. Put yourself in her shoes. Personally if I’d done that to someone I’d keep my space because that would annoy anyone. None of us want anyone upset I just think If you’ve hurt someone and you plan on hanging around them then apologise and squash it — don’t try and hang around someone you’ve purposely hurt.”

She concluded: “Hopefully in the future we can all talk and squash our issues and learn from this.”

The Wash also captured this impressively awkward moment of MAFS husband and wife Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley reuniting.


In another vid, Jackson and Olivia — who broke up earlier this year — could be seen walking together before his match.

However there’s clearly no hard feelings ‘cos Olivia posted a message to her Insta story wishing Jackson luck.

“You’re going to smash it,” she wrote.

“Will be there cheering you on.”

And in the more random assortment of reality TV stars attending the match were MAFS Season Eight’s Bryce Ruthven, The Bachelor root rat Ciarran Stott and… upcoming Bachelor-slash-MachineGunKelly-lite Jed McIntosh.

Sorry, WHAT?

There is simply so much to unpack there.

There was also a bunch of drama at the pre-match weigh in. At the first annual meeting of the meat-heads, Brent, Jackson, Sam and Daniel came together to find out how much their meat truly weighed.

First, there were the ever-feuding Brent and Daniel.

These two have wanted to belt the crap out of each other since what feels like the beginning of time.

After months of sledging, Instagram Lives and somehow even a fake funeral notice, the two finally came face-to-face before their match.

The interaction definitely didn’t disappoint. Brent grabbed Daniel’s noggin and did that thing people do when they’re trying to figure out what’s inside their Christmas pressie. A little shake-around, if you will.

Surprisingly Daniel didn’t react and instead took it in his stride.

Credit where credit’s due, Daniel also gifted us this cringe-but-kinda-funny moment last week of him wearing ridiculous light-up sunnies spelling Brent’s name. Slay.

Next up was the MAFS boxing weigh-in for Sam and Jackson.

In footage captured by The Wash, the two men were seen stripping down to their undergarments of choice.

Sam opted for cream-coloured compression shorts that I wish had left more to my imagination.

Daniel chose to don a pair of Budgie Smugglers which featured the colour palette of Andy Warhol‘s “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn”.

I’m sure Andy would’ve been thrilled to know his work may have inspired this.

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Surely there’ll be a round two imminently.